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Adventures in Cannabis, Beauty, and Breaking Stereotypes

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In this episode, Mandy Lile of Potency 710 shares her journey in the skincare and cannabis industry.

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Join us as we chat with the incredible Mandy Lile of Potency No.710 about our favorite cannabis and non-cannabis-related things. Discover why Beboe pens, Sour Diesel strain, and Kiva chocolate bars are some of our top picks. Mandy even shares how her young sons help her stay energized and productive, and how Kiva's churro, s'mores, and marshmallow chocolate candy bars are her secret to a restful night.

In this fascinating conversation, we explore Mandy's journey to create a cannabis lifestyle brand that busts the stigma surrounding cannabis through beauty. Learn how she has faced challenges like shadow banning and censorship, but has overcome them by collecting over 250 before and after photos of people's skin transformations, offering a powerful alternative to topical steroid prescriptions. Mandy's mission to 'Unlock Wonderland' has guided her brand's growth and has inspired countless others in the process.


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 1  0:16  

You're listening to your highness podcast. I'm your host, Dianna crash and today I am joined by Mandy Lyle of potency. 710. How are you doing today, Mandy?


Speaker 2  0:30  

I'm doing great actually woke up pretty early this morning and got a lot of work done already. So I tried to get up as early as possible to get as much done as possible so that I can pretty much be done by half, you know, two or three o'clock in the afternoon I can be done with the biggest part of my job. And then I can just, you know, kind of sit back and answer more of like the emails throughout the day customer service throughout the day. And so I tried to cram it all in early in the morning, so I'm good and relaxed right now.


Speaker 1  1:00  

Wow, you're really like a one woman shop aren't you? Like you're doing all of the things


Speaker 2  1:07  

a lot. I think the best description I can give you is you ever went into the mall door that goes in a circle that just keeps going in a circle. I feel like I get in there sometimes and I just keep going in a circle


Speaker 1  1:22  

I know that feels. I am familiar with that feeling and waking up really early because I'm a four year old. Any he makes sure that you wake up early?


Speaker 2  1:35  

That right that's a whole different kind of energy. And I have a nine year old but I'll tell you I think that two three and four was the years that I was like oh god I'm not sure I'm going to be perfect for this or not. I don't know how I'm gonna feel this is a lot of work. It's a job you can't quit you know you're in it. Once you're in it. It's like you can never quit it it's your job and nobody else is gonna do it for you


Speaker 1  2:05  

Happy Mother's Day All right. So anyway No, this won't be live before that but we will be talking about that coincidence a little bit later. So we're going to start this episode as we do every episode with our recurring segment, fade pot for if not pot, and it's our favorite cannabis related thing at the moment. Favorite non cannabis related thing it can be anything and I mean anything. So I'm going to start with my fav pot at the moment and I'm probably mispronouncing it but these Bebo I'm saying these Bebo pens because I'm because I'm showing it to you, but people can't. who are listening. There are these, I think they're called Single use, but they last a really long time. Like you can't recharge them, but they last a couple of weeks at least. And this is the Inspire one are inspired, I'm sorry. And it's a really nice little lift, it doesn't make you too jazzed, you know, it doesn't I have a tendency to get jittery if I have like too much of an uplifting, cult DEVAR but this one is really nice. It's a nice little afternoon morning, lift.


Speaker 2  3:31  

My more. I'm more of a flower flower girl I love to roll a joint, I love the ritual of breaking the wheat up smelling it, putting it on the pretty tray. You know laying the rolling paper there and actually roll it up. So I have like a whole ritual that I do. And I also think that keeps me from visiting it so frequently because it is a little bit of effort and work put into rolling the joint and doing it the traditional way. So I do find myself smoking less as to what I would see my friends with vapes do because they're more convenient so I find that they're smoking them more often. And I don't I while I love cannabis. I mean I've been around it all my life. I definitely don't abuse it and I definitely do use it for pretty much to create and also to find balance. So I do love flower and I love old sour D strain. I love if I can get you know get a hold of that I like that strain a lot. And I also during COVID realize that I really liked edibles and I had had a run in with them before when I just wanted something sweet in the house and decided I was going to eat the cookie and then I ate the whole cookie and then I was calling Harry going Oh God what do I do to make it stop? And then so at a too much I was like techie which is always you know a different kind of Rabideau some days, so I'm like, Oh no. So I now know what milligrams are good for me and I love the Kiva chocolate bars because I love chocolate. And I love to eat chocolate when I crawl in the bed at night. So it kind of goes perfect because the Kiva chocolate candy bar is just enough that it I sleep like a baby and I wake up feeling amazing. So I've had my chocolate fix. I've had a little bit of my THC, you know, FEPS for my endocannabinoid system there. And I sleep like a baby so and they're really yummy. She has, she has a churro one that's newer that kind of has like that marshmallowy salty chocolate combo. And then she has a s'mores s'mores one that she just launched. And that one is really good. So they're kind of a Crunchy chocolate. So that's my weakness right now.


Speaker 1  5:52  

Is that your favorite pot? You mean? Nothing.


Speaker 2  5:58  

Yeah, my Fave Five. long winded I'll tell you the whole story behind Sour Diesel strain. And then my nighttime choice is a Kiva candy bar.


Speaker 1  6:10  

Nice. I don't think I've been able to check to to try the Kiva yet. I don't know if it's in Maryland. Yet. That's really my thing. I don't I would prefer to smoke flower also, but the quality until July until I'm able to grow myself. It's really bad. So I find myself if I am smoking a pre roll, or if I'm rolling it up, I don't roll it up myself. Because I have carpal tunnel and I don't I can't I just don't have that ability right now because I always have somebody around and I can't, you know, anyway, so if I am soaking flour right now I'm soaking hemp flour. And that was my other choice. But I mean, since you kind of said to I'm going to say too, because i i also smoked my ranchera familia pre roll today. And I love the


Speaker 2  7:05  

packaging, or like the packaging. Are you a Swiss cigarette smoker before or? Yes. So have you traded the cigarettes for the hemp?


Speaker 1  7:15  

Oh, 100% I mean, I quit because I got pregnant. But yeah, but that was what kept me from going back to it for sure. And I've written about it a few times. There's also there are a lot of studies that show that people who want to get off of, you know, cigarettes. I mean, people call these hemp cigarettes so I should I guess I should say, you know, the chemically laden tobacco cigarettes. These are really nice, they're smooth. I can just have like one a day sometimes two or three if it's a rough day, but you know, it depends on the state of the baby. Right exactly. So yeah, so my fav not pot switching gears a little bit. It technically has pot in the book but it's it's a it's not pot it qualifies. So if you are a regular listener of this show, you've heard the episode with Jamila map and Erica Dickerson, who are the CO hosts of good mom's bad choices, which is a phenomenal podcast. And it's beyond a podcast, it's a community they have vacations that they do. I mean, they curate experiences, they, they go on tour, it's a whole it's a whole they're an empire. And they just released the their book together and it's called the good moms guide to making bad choices. And I'm just going to read a little bit of the synopsis on the back it says Warning This is not your typical mommy how to guide in the pages that follow you'll hear both of our voices and the stories that led us to being good moms who embrace their bad choices. And I've only been able to read a little bit of it so far, but it's amazing and they're amazing. And I'm excited that they just continue to go and spread their amazing energy and influence so many people and it's it's just a beautiful thing to see they have such a wonderful partnership and they impact so many people's lives in such a positive way. So


Unknown Speaker  9:38  

what is your Gregory base?


Speaker 1  9:41  

Where are they based out of? I mean, they're where they live I think is California but I'm not sure Cali might live in. They might live in Atlanta because they're I don't know for sure. They're always all over the place. Right? Right. But they do they actually do have a Like I said, they had this curated vacation series. And that's not in the US. It's a beautiful experience that they, you know, it's a it's a retreat. And I should have more information about that. But I don't right now, but they do a lot of things. So there are a lot of ways to follow them and engage with them. And hopefully, they'll come back for seasoning. So stay tuned for that. Hopefully,


Speaker 2  10:27  

no, I'll check it. I'll definitely check it out. I love supporting other women in this industry, obviously. So I will definitely check it out and tell the world


Unknown Speaker  10:34  

Yes. So what's your favorite pot?


Speaker 2  10:39  

Well, right now I'm actually working on my own books. So I really haven't, like dived into any. I've read a few books that share but nothing that's been like, Wow, isn't that awful. I don't know, my favorite thing to do right now is just really be outside. I just I love being in nature. And I love taking my boat out, I have a little electric boat that I get on. And I call it the smudge boat. So I guess you'd say I'm really into meditating right now and manifestation and really just kind of like out there getting confirmation and just being in nature as much as I can and trying to be away from so much technology and just trying to find a balance between those that and, and the real world. But I actually am working on my own book. So that's what I've been doing for the past year is actually just working on my own book and going back and forth with titles and stories and arranging and it's a lot, but it's exciting.


Unknown Speaker  11:38  

It is a lot Writing a book is a lot. Many words.


Speaker 1  11:46  

I'm excited for you. And I'm excited to read that because it's quite a journey. And it sounds really fun to be on the smudge boat, whatever that is sounds like fun. Sounds like two things that I want to do. So put them together.


Speaker 2  12:01  

It's definitely an experience. I like these intimate experiences I had the girls with. I love sound bow healing. And I had my Reiki girls come out the other day, two of them and lay the bowls all on our body down while we were on the water on the boat. And they did sound bow therapy. So it's very zen relaxing out here compared to La because you know, I go between LA and the desert. So it's two different lifestyles. Totally different. Wow.


Unknown Speaker  12:31  

Wow, that's


Speaker 1  12:39  

so switching gears a little bit, Mandy, I've enjoyed watching your brand grow in the last several years. I remember getting a sample of potency 710 face oil ages ago in a Mother's Day box. So it's kind of bonkers that we're recording this week. How does it feel to get through the last few years as a small business owner,


Speaker 2  13:02  

I have to say that I honest to God, keep my intention so high with everything I'm doing. While I'm growing potency. My first part of my mission, I would say was to help clear the stigma around cannabis through beauty. But obviously, after five years, my mission is getting bigger and bigger. And it's not just about cannabis so much as it is about just wellness and beauty and lifestyle. And it's it's really exciting. And there's some days where I'm like, Wow, you did that or wow, you know, there's those moments where it goes so fast, you don't really have time to take it all in like coming out of the gates in January, the press and all the attention and the emails and all these things that was like, it's so hard to absorb it all and to really hold the space to be like, Wow, you did that and to really acknowledge what you've done. Because you're so I'm so busy creating because I absolutely love creating more than any part of any of this. The photoshoots the stories, the way I connect things. The last one I just did unlocking Wonderland was all vision that I had out on my boat. And I came back and called my photographer and she's like, What do you smoke? And I'm like, I'm like, I don't know. But it was a good stream because I just drained all this stuff while I was out there. And she was like this is not a photo shoot. It's like a small production. It's like a movie. So it just kept getting bigger and bigger. But I'm trying to tell a story and get the attention of the people and I've basically taken all the fairy tales and twisted them to my own version. Because I don't like the version that's been being told over and over and over again. I'm like can we just switch these stories up now a little bit because they're so dated and and I I just want to bring some creativity around the plant. So I think I actually ended up starting a brand, but turning it into a lifestyle brand by accident, because people embrace the way that I made them feel, or they liked the way I was making them feel. Through my character, I guess I was trying to decide did I want to be the face of my own brand. For the first year, I wasn't the face. I mean, people knew who I was, but I was getting different girls for the photo shoots. And then I started getting feedback from the women that were my age. And they were saying, I love what you're doing. You you're you know, the 40 year olds are simply forgotten, they say, and then when you're fit in your 50s, they say it's even worse, you know, the way you feel forgotten in the market, it's not for you, but you're the one that's actually in the right bracket making the money, you're the right demographic to market to in the 40s and 50s. And they're missing a big part of that. So I just I don't know, it's gotten deep. It's just really deep, and it's exciting. And it's been five years, five years already. I feel like I haven't had enough eyes on me though, because as you know, we go through a lot of shadow banning and censorship. And I have just not stopped performing. Let's just say that no matter how defeated, all the girls felt, and all the brands felt, I'm sure they all felt defeated. And they still feel defeated. Because it's a big fight we're fighting against still, you know, it's still a weird place for this industry. And so many of the bigger brands have fell out because they were too big and and they weren't vertically integrated. And they didn't know what they were doing. And, and so I've watched a lot of people fall out. So to still be standing here. I know that I it feels good, it feels good to still be standing here. And I gotta tell you, I knew I wouldn't be standing here because I don't lay down easy. And I knew that what I was doing was good. And because I was getting the feedback from so many people. And I was watching and collecting the data through through imagery, I was getting asking everyone please take a before and after photo, please take it before and after photo, I was putting it on my postcards, I was begging people to send me photos to date I've collected over 250 before and after photos of people's skin transforming in a three to seven day period from things that could be you know, they could avoid topical steroid prescriptions, if they would look at some of the things that my products do. And it would be a great alternative to someone before the doctor hands on my topical steroid prescription that could throw them into a withdrawal after they stop it and put them in a worse position from the side effects. So what it's doing is gone beyond beauty. That's so it's just been really exciting to watch. It's really exciting. And I and and I'm happy to be here.


Speaker 1  17:55  

So I'm happy. You're still here. And you spoke to a lot of things. But one of the things you spoke to is about how people felt you were getting a lot of feedback. And that's what I would like to focus on a little bit today is how important feedback is to a small business owner, especially right now, especially with all of the restrictions you face being a plant medicine, business. So can you talk about that a little bit like how much has feedback factored into your formulations over time?


Speaker 2  18:30  

Okay, so I think I think the reason that I'm still setting here, part of the reason I'm still sitting here is when I was 20 years old, I opened up a skincare clinic in a small town called Greenville, Kentucky. Kentucky just recently went medical just recently I'm talking like a few weeks ago. They've been a non cannabis. They've been very big in hemp. Okay, very big in hemp, but they have been non cannabis in Tennessee as well, which is my neighbor state. Okay. I'm from the Midwest. So, in the beginning, I went to esthetician school when I was 20. I drove 100 miles back and forth each day to go to school, because there was not even a program in Kentucky at the time. They just had cosmetology and didn't even have an esthetician program and I did not want to learn about hair I want to learn about skin. And at the time, I was engaged to a real well known physician and he did ear nose and throat and facial plastic surgery and wanted to go more into facial plastics and encouraged me to go to esthetician school. So I built an amazing community in that timeframe of 20 to almost 30 years to almost 10 years. I I initially started off using a product with plant oils I researched at an early age I was very aware of how important ingredients were. Our skin is the largest organ our body has you it functions like your heart and your liver and your kidneys that we wear it on the outside and it's so important and never did I believe how big what I'm doing really is going to get because it's that important like it. It is but it's just as important as what you're eating. You know, those are the two things that you really got to do is nourish your body with the right food and take care of your skin. It's the largest organ nurse the ones on the inside nurse, the one on the outside. So I built up this community in Kentucky. When I got ready to launch when I heard CBD was going to be legal, and we were going to be able to play with that cannabinoid. And we were gonna be able to ship it across 50 states, I had already been out of skincare some seven, eight years or so I went into real estate for a minute. And it was living in LA had moved to LA so my skincare clinic moved to LA decided I wanted to be in a bigger city, went out of skincare for a minute missed it really bad, missed it, missed it, but wanted to try other things in LA. Then when I realized cannabinoids, were going to be legal to a certain point, I was like, Whoa, I already know what plant oils can do to skin because I'd already been working with a product out of Paris, France called Bianca Yong has a huge company that's been around for many years. And it's the brand that I carried at my skincare clinic right off the bat at 20 years old, I already knew nature was your friend, less is better stay away from so many preservatives, things you can't pronounce. And, you know, knows that your skin does absorb a lot of that. So I know and all that building the trust within my community cater into the more of the elite people in our town, because I was one of the only ones doing it. Coming out the door launch and potency. My Midwest community is what has kept me alive. To answer your question is my the trust that I had built within my small town initially, is what has carried me to this point. I've over probably 1000 customers from Kentucky and maybe have 70 or 80 from New York that I shipped to regularly, you know, but I have 1000s in Kentucky, a state that's not even can even touch cannabis. And there, they trust me, because they've already they already knew me. So I'm really catering to the Midwest and aspect and asking them their thoughts and their questions and learning what they want, what they need, what they don't know, and really kind of catering to them. Because I know that when they are able to get cannabis and it goes to a federal level. I'm also in the cannabis industry, I have two dispensaries. So if there was a moment in time we're ever going to be able to ship cross state lines. I have built an amazing empire on the Midwest already that I'm so proud of and that I'm proud that they communicated with me so well as to what they want. You know, as soon as I brought the first product out, I started with one product. And it was amazing. And it's my it's my gold serum. And I worked really hard on it. And I knew what oils already worked. And I got with a formulator. And he told me what he knew about CBDs and CBDs. And all the things I didn't know so much about. And we've worked together to create this product. And it's been amazing. And then they my community begged me for more. And so I heard them they we want to cleanser. Now we want to toner. Now we want to now we want to mask and I waited for them to kind of ask even though I had a list of where I wanted to go with this brand and line and what I was thinking, more wellness and beauty than I was way but I knew that it was going to play a big part in how my product performed differently than anybody else in the beauty market. Because I am not afraid to use cannabinoids and I'm in in in in the brand. And I don't have to go up to 85,000 people in a corporate office to get permission to throw 50 or 60 More milligrams and a CBD CBG and my gold sound and make it even better. And wait for a year to get that answer. I'm the boss, I'm the one that can make that decision. And based on the results of what my clients were getting. I was like, oh, let's just turn it up a little bit more and see what we get. Let's get let's throw 50 milligrams of CBG and with 100 CBD and see what it does, then let's see. And it was phenomenal. So when I say it's gone beyond beauty, I've had people email me that have emailed me that they've had brown recluse spider bites, they've used it on shingles. Obviously, dermatological issues the FDA does not let me say or talk about that are usually not even really saw by prescriptions. My Products been helping. And a picture speaks 1000 words. So that's why I begged for so many photos because all I have to do is show a photo of what my products done. And it's it that's all you need to see is the proof right there. So collecting all this data, asking my community what they want more of. I don't have tattoos. So I went to my community and I said, who all's use this on a tattoo to speed up the healing? Who's using it to keep it bright? Those are the things I was thinking this is probably doing for this tattoo because I know what they're given them like Aqua for which is full of like petroleum and toxic chemical, you know that they're telling them to put on their tattoo and I'm like no, no, no. And a lot of infection comes from tattoos and it very well could be from the toxicity of the ingredients of the product they tell them to use on it. So I asked my community who has tattoos and Who's using this have like 70 replies, almost immediately. It's sped up. My tattoo held up so much faster. Oh my gosh, that's keeping it so bright. I think it's protected from the sun. It's just been crazy. The amount of emails and feedback that I've gotten in that literally is what drives me is better than any dollar. And this actually hasn't even been about money with me to this point, which is funny because my team hates that I don't like to balance anything that I just go. And they're like, You really need to know your numbers. And I'm like, hey, they look good. Let's just keep going. You know, let's just keep going. I don't get in fascinated on the numbers. I'm looking at the people I'm helping, and the amount of people talking about it and telling their friends and their friends. And each year, my sales continue to increase, increase, increase. Never has anybody ever reached out to me and said, I need to return this. It's awful.


Unknown Speaker  25:55  

In five years. That's crazy. That's amazing.


Speaker 2  26:00  

It's crazy. I'm excited to watch this as an esthetician because I've never seen a plant oil work this fast.


Speaker 1  26:06  

Yes. And I'm excited as a former cosmetologist who is really big into skincare, and I love your products. So I love what you're doing. And I know you just kind of took us on a journey about how you were creative with your marketing and your branding. But is there anything that you want people to know about? As far as like when it comes to your restrictions you faced, or you still face over social media, and advertising and the like, and your website copy and all of that fun stuff that comes with being a CBD brand? What have you done specifically? Like I know the answer to this, I think that you've done a lot of really fun things. But I think you want to probably talk about it. pontificate a little more about how creative you've had to get with your marketing and your branding, basically, over the years.


Speaker 2  27:07  

Yeah, I Gosh, I don't know, it's it's funny, because everything I'm doing is just, it's not it's like natural, it just comes so natural. It's like and I want to say that what I'm doing doesn't feel like work. To me, this does not feel like a job. It is like, it's so much deeper than that. And, and I know it sounds crazy, but it just it's so fun. Like I love being here doing this in this moment. And maybe that is what the people are feeling is the love and intention that I have behind the brand. I feel like that maybe a lot of people are filling that when they open a package from me. One way I got creative is I just everything looks like a gift. And when you open you bought it yourself though, when you open it, you almost feel like I gave you a gift that you paid for it. But my clients are telling me I felt like you hugged me when I open this package. And they'll tell me, they'll email me. I felt like I got a hub. And honest to God when I put those envelopes in the mailbox because I still love to drive to the post office because that's what I do to get out because I work from home I distribute out of the house, I have an office and then I'm moving into a distribution center this year, I actually am graduating to a small distribution center. But I tap the envelopes i It's a weird thing and I caught myself just like I don't know what I'm doing. And sometimes I'm led to put weird things in packages. Sometimes I throw a stick sage in sometimes I throw in a gold key and tell them to unlock their own Wonderland like you just never know what you're gonna get. And I think that's what people love about their packaging the packaging, which has helped me with marketing and people love taking pictures of their gold envelopes and showing that they got that gold envelope in the mail. And just being really intentional with my my packaging I think was key, I'd love to be more sustainable with my packaging on the product. But they make it very impossible for an indie brand because they want you to order 10,000 minimum at a time and you just don't know if you're gonna move through that many before the packaging goes bad or you know, something happens so it really does kind of make you have to find how to shift through it like I tried to use recyclable PT plastic for my Miss bottle that I really want to go to a glass bottle eventually. So as I grow I try to do things to be more sustainable along the way but I also am not creating things that are going to cause a problem initially like I had to go with the plastic bottle but I really wanted the glass so it's finding the right bottle and I'm picky aesthetically what it looks like. So there are things that I'm still working on to make perfect that I will perfect as the business brings in more income obviously to do that right now. Everything I'm making goes right back into just growing the brand. And it's been hard to get the eyes on me which I think one of the things that would be really cool to talk about is what the girls are doing on the East Coast too, with a climb sign world, and I don't know if you know, but I'm going to actually have a world that connects to a kind fine world, that is going to be another world from the West Coast side. So I will be able to hopefully, virtually, with my own platform, host all of this data and information and all of this content that I've created, so that if Instagram or Facebook goes Kukui tomorrow, I've got a place where my my information lives that needs to be seen, that hasn't been seen by people because they have found it in a weird algorithm or they've shadowbanned me or, or they censored me that doing cross marketing with other women sending people products to other for 20 events, continuously sponsoring other women's events. I think giving to get has been my motto. I've gave a lot to brands I've had people have called me and asked me for hundreds of bottles of product and I've sent it I've donated 500 bottles a cleanser to the what's community core for the underprivileged, I've, I mean, I love giving my product more than I would like to pay for a very expensive billboard or AD. Because when I give a product to the people, they get it, they feel it, they experience it. And it's better for me than to spend 10 grand on a billboard and somewhere I'd rather


Speaker 1  31:31  

give 10 Absolutely. That's amazing. And I'd have to tell you firsthand, I had the experience, she did donate a bunch of stuff to give away for the 420 event that we did. And people were so thrilled to receive the samples. I mean, they just like grabbed them up, even though I said to per person, like because I made it like a grab bag, because I had I had to and people were losing their minds are like these are free. And the little bags that you sent are so precious. And then the little tiny magazine sticker things, those are so cute. I mean, I you really put so much thought into every single aspect of what you sent. And that means a lot to people. So I really appreciate that. And thank you for your generosity so much. So Mandy, before we end, how can people best support you? Right now,


Speaker 2  32:28  

I, you know, follow me obviously. So that and opting into my newsletter is always a good way to stay in the know as to what I'm doing. I'm constantly putting out a new blog, we have a plant series. My assistants always letting everyone know where I'm going to be next. I actually will be in New York City next weekend. I'm going to be in New York on Friday. And on Sunday, I'll be over at Jill Cohen's cannabis lady in New Jersey, the following Sunday, on the 21st. And then at the end of the month, I'll be at the holistic Wellness Expo in Orlando, I'm part of the world physicians cannabis Association has been created to help vet the products and test film. And they're given that they give an actual gold seal certified, that they've tested your products to make sure you're getting safe products. So I'll be with the physicians in Orlando and on a panel with the doctors doing a really good meeting there at the end of May and then I'm a speaker in June. So just often in my newsletter is a really good way and you can do that at potency 710 dot com. I do a lot of things if it goes beyond the flower. I basically play in three lanes, beauty, wellness and weed. It's just a little bonus, you know, but for the most part, I think this is getting exciting with what the girls are doing on the East Coast and then what we're creating and virtually to make to get people to be interactive, a little bit with nature and with the virtual world at the same time what we're about to create with that. Follow those girls at a kind find You definitely want to follow those girls on the East Coast that are coming up with all those new cannabis brands and and all those exciting things going on in New York and definitely just you know, follow me along because as I grow I'm going to share more and more things. And I just rolled out a new vitamin C hyaluronic acid product that's called the whitewater Seram that's already getting amazing feedback. It has CBG and CBD in there. I don't know of another hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C was CBG and CBD. It smells so yummy too. It has orange pill in there so it's yummy and that newest higher good moisturizer I sent you a sample of it's very Luxe. It hits on 1500 milligrams 750 CBG 750 CBD, I'm finding CBD is definitely holding up to being the mother of all cannabinoids, the Rolls Royce of that cannabinoids, I think it is definitely proving to do some some extremely cool things on skin in skincare, and anti aging, not even just problematic skin just for anti aging alone, what it's doing. So potency 710 dot com and more often than newsletter I think is great. And try just try try the product. I mean, just have you know, talk to people about it, let them know I exist and let them know that there's more to flower than just getting high that it's more it's more of a beauty wellness tool for me.


Speaker 1  35:35  

I love that. That is 100% I'm like yeah, yay. Dancing.


Speaker 2  35:41  

Yeah, I always tell everybody just be kind and, and I think one of my last quotes it was funny. Somebody said can you give us a quote and I was like, yeah, just keep your intentions high and your ashtray clean. That's all I can. Do you did pretty well.


Speaker 1  35:56  

On that note, I think it's good to say Until next time, stay high and beautiful. Bye. This episode of Your Highness podcast is brought to you by nature Meet your is giving listeners a 10% off discount when they use the code YH pod. That's why each pod at Mitra, a top rated kratom company. Also, you can keep up on the recent events and all the news surrounding our show by subscribing to our substack your highest newsletter. This episode was edited and produced by James crash and myself Diana crash and is a production of Your Highness media. intro music is brought to you by your mom likes my music. Thank you for listening


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