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In our mega-sized episode, Laura Beohner of The Healing Rose talks about suppositories, Danielle Simone Brand discusses an awesome vacation opportunity, and Vee Castillo and Magical Goddess Dom .

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In our mega-sized episode, Laura Beohner of The Healing Rose talks about suppositories, Danielle Simone Brand discusses an awesome vacation opportunity, and Vee Castillo and Magical Goddess Dom .

0:00 - Intro song

0:16 - Welcome Laura Boehner of The Healing Rose

0:52 - Fave Pot 

4:40 - Fave Not Pot 

8:11 - Suppositories 

24:53 - Where Can People Find You

25:54 - Buttplug song

26:35 - Danielle Simone Brand talks about an upcoming trip to Colombia with Uphill Tours

38:20 - Buttplug song

38:38 - Where in the World Is Vee?

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Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker  0:16  

You're listening to your highness podcast. I'm your host, Dianna crash. And today I am joined by Laura beaner. The CEO, right or do I say co founder and president of Did I mess it up already upgraded myself though of the healing rose, how are you doing today, Laura?


Unknown Speaker  0:41  

Oh, hi. I'm wonderful. I'm so grateful to be here with you.


Unknown Speaker  0:45  

And I'm grateful that you're here and that your patients. So we're going to start this episode as we do every episode with our recurring segment, fav pot and fav knots pot where each of us discuss our current cannabis and non cannabis related item, movement, movie book or whatever thing that you want to talk about something that you're just like, really into right now. So I'm going to start with my favorite part. And I was really tempted to make it one of your products, Laura, but I felt like that was too heavy handed, especially since I keep talking about them. And I really do love them. So I was able to try this new product called vibrations. It's like it's like a drink mix. You mix it in with your water, I'm drinking it. Now it's really good for those days where you're moving a little slow, and it has cannabis and natural caffeine. And each serving only has 10 milligrams of THC. And right now I'm trying to peach tangerine tea mix because they were out of the pomegranate blueberry mix, which I usually get from my dispensary. And I prefer that one better, but it's still really good.


Unknown Speaker  2:05  

Sounds delicious. And you can have 10 milligrams and a serving, which we can't have up here we have only five milligrams in Massachusetts.


Unknown Speaker  2:12  

Yeah, and it doesn't have it like saccharin taste that some of these drink mixes kind of have you know, like that it has the natural sugar that are the natural caffeine. And so you get some vitamins in it as well. So I mean, yeah, all around. Pretty good. What's your favorite part right now, Laura.


Unknown Speaker  2:32  

Um, so for me, my favorite Method of Consumption is hash rosin. And I just splurge and my previous quartz banger nail broke. So my fiance and I splurged on a qwave nail and it has all custom engraving, and it literally looks like the most beautiful piece of art I've ever seen on a rig in my life. So I'm loving that. And I also love my feed space insert that goes in there. So it's actually Ayane material, which is what they use for artificial bones like your to get like some kind of fake bone put into your body. It is really expensive material that comes into like a little cap shaped inserts that you put into your nail. So you load up your concentrates in that and then you put it into your nail and do a cold start. And that is the best way to consume concentrates. Best low temp you get all the terpenes you don't waste it you can continuously use it so you get all of your medicine. And I think that's just the best way to consume passion. That's what I'm loving right now.


Unknown Speaker  3:40  

Nice. That sounds like you don't have any cats in your life


Unknown Speaker  3:46  

No actually, we do have cat two two cats but we have a separate area in our home very away from where the cats hang out. That's the key there. Yeah, no, no candles in my home. Like I don't trust it. But


Unknown Speaker  3:59  

yeah, I had to take a break from the concentrates. But you know maybe when I get back into it minus the you know, yeah, I have to have like a whole room like you said like I would have a like a whole space that I can just go into that's like double padded locked and everything like no animals are allowed in no tiny humans. And I don't have that. So


Unknown Speaker  4:24  

yeah, I feel that we use our garage or garage. That's nice old space. It's the best.


Unknown Speaker  4:30  

Yeah, that is really nice to have a garage. I don't have one but I imagine it's really nice. All right, so my favorite part right now is actually the Alex Murta murder trial as the kids say if you know you know, I mean I've already watched everything related to it and listen to all of the podcast and I A I tune in to Emilie de Bakker. She's a YouTuber who is also a lawyer and I listen to like the lawyer the legal takes, and I also am watching the trial. It's not the most productive use of my time, but this trial is bonkers assassin it is bonkers. It is way more than a murder trial. There's so much going on. And it's really cool to be able to see it happen in real life. I love to see a trial live like this. I am one of those people. I love the Boy Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  5:38  

our entire production team. Our entire production team is all about all the podcasts any kind of murder mysteries, any of those type of things like that's my all women production team. That's like, what they love listening.


Unknown Speaker  5:50  

Oh, well, I they feel I'm gonna have a treat for them. You know? You have to keep people who are not dentists. Anyway, we're going to have our own podcast that's going to be a true crime type of thing. It's it will be a fictional True Crime slash murder mystery, but more about that later. That's just a little tease. We're just yeah, we're really brilliant. I mean, I'm really more intuitive more than anyone else in this house. But my husband is like peripherally you know paying attention to this trial because it's just so it's so it's so bonkers. I just so what's your favorite pot right now?


Unknown Speaker  6:33  

Um, so I guess I'll go with an item and that would be my Lion's Mane capsules. And it's not something that healing rose makes but I have just been loving how using Lion's Mane everyday has been making me feel I feel like a lot more productive. I can think clearer. And like I just you like look for something in coffee that like coffee will never give you like you're like drinking coffee I am anyway just hoping that it's giving me all of this energy and that it's making me just feel amazing. And I'm like, This is not what coffee does and I find lion's mane is that pick me up it helps me function. And I I just love talking about people eating mushrooms and using them for medicinal purposes because it is really that like, current, I think movement that people are trying to discover the benefits of mushrooms and I'm all about it too. Even though it's not something my company does. I personally,


Unknown Speaker  7:35  

really not yet. I know I'm taking my Lion's Mane every day. And it really does it together. Loving it.


Unknown Speaker  7:46  

I was I was using quarter steps for a while that's such a good reminder to take out some quarter steps to in my arsenal.


Unknown Speaker  7:51  

Yeah, it helps me work out on days like this where I'm just like, oh, you know, it makes me sit up right a little more and, you know, get things done. I mean, I need a lot of things for that to happen. But that is one of the things.


Unknown Speaker  8:08  

Anyhow, please like any help I'll take seriously.


Unknown Speaker  8:11  

And speaking of any help, that's what we're going to be talking about today one of the amazing products that you offer. And since we we get comfortable with the uncomfortable on this show, we're really going to walk that walk today. And luckily Laura has enthusiastically agreed to go on this journey with me am I getting you comfortable enough to talk about it? I feel good. Yeah. So if you listen to the episode ghost of cannabis future, you heard me talk about the awesome suppositories that Laura sent me. And because I love being cheeky, pun intended. I also sampled a song called butt plug from our friends, your mom likes my music and heart your mom, which I will also be sampling again later in this episode. But anyway, Laura, back to you. What made you decide to create suppositories?


Unknown Speaker  9:13  

Sure, so I believe it was 2018 when we actually started making them. So it's going on five years now that we've been making them off market and strictly just been giving them out to people in need. We have given out 1000s and 1000s of them. It's kind of just been this like secret mission and also research period of seeing how they work long term for people dealing with serious conditions. And what really started it was in 2018, our first employee had really, really, really bad colitis, like she was young she was in her early 20s almost had to be dying or hospitalized in college. She was that severe it was all throughout her intestines or lower intestines. And we, when I first started, you know making the products, I also was going what other modalities are there to use cannabis besides just eating and smoking and suppositories had always been there in the back of my mind is this really amazing, effective, you know, products that people just really are afraid to talk about, it's really hard to find. There's just really wasn't enough conversation about it. So we started making them and using them with our employee, and she saw so much improvement, it was incredible. I mean, she also made a really clean diet, she was using cannabis and other ways. But through probably that to those three, three and a half, four years of her using them, and she still uses them today, even though she's not with the company, but she was for three years with us. So we got to, you know, do that over almost her three year time with us, she actually healed almost all the inflammation in her intestines and except for one small area. So the last time she got the colonoscopy, they were just like mind blown with with how much the inflammation and healed. And then also my brother has really bad colitis. He's also in law enforcement. So he can't use cannabis, how we traditionally think of using cannabis or any kind of THC. And he will now not go a day without using us depository. And he's been using them for over two years. So it really was like helping people around me who were suffering and feeling like they were hopeless. And that's why we started making the products literally, like I said, I've been making these for years and years just trying to get them out to people and trying to help people and being able to help so many other people now, we even have customers, a customer who dealt with very severe rectal cancer and she feels like the suppositories are really the only thing that's able to provide her any kind of like, after care from dealing with that. I mean, she's in remission, but she still has a lot of damage. Imagine going through that. So those type of stories, just like inspire you to just want to treat that product and just put it everywhere.


Unknown Speaker  12:03  

That's amazing. And I mean, because especially when you have digestive issues, and I hate to say digestive issues, I have Crohn's disease, and I don't like it when people just say that, because it's not it doesn't really encompass the hellscape. That is IBD. He's irritable women know, is it. It's not arable, and I'm gonna mess this up already. I know it's IBD. But it's not IBS, and people conflate the two. And anyway, my whole point of this is that there are a lot of things that you're prescribed, that only make it worse. And it's not even so much just the medicine itself, which does cause a litany of issues. But as I'm sure you're aware, what this repository is kind of help with that, like pills can't, is that there are like gelatin capsules, there is other ingredients in this in the medication that makes it really difficult and sometimes even impossible for your body to absorb. And especially when you're so inflamed. Like when your tract is so inflamed, you know, I mean, if you're not processing things in your body, the way that you should be right. So that's, I feel like a really ingenious way to and I'm sure you had all of these people who were in a desperate situation, and this was like such a great answer because of that in itself. But also, I'm sure you also had a little bit of pushback from those people who have to get colonoscopies all the time because I know from my own personal experience when I hear suppository I'm like or Oh


Unknown Speaker  13:48  

yeah, and I totally get that.


Unknown Speaker  13:51  

So in what way do you recommend like mentally and physically preparing to use suppositories?


Unknown Speaker  13:57  

Sure. So I think a great time of the day to use it would be right before bed. You want to be relaxed, you want to be calm, you want to make sure your muscles are, you know, loose and you are mentally free of anxiety so that the whole process isn't going to just, you know, be a very stressful and maybe not successful process if you really are anxious. So there's recommend people maybe they lay on their back on their bed, they're relaxed, they need to use washed hands. If you want to use a glove, obviously, that that works to be you just want to relax and allow it to enter your body, the body either rectally or vaginally. And it does it can take like 10 to 20 plus minutes for it to absorb. So if you do have time, ideally you just lay back let it absorb into your body. But yeah, it can be a lot for people to kind of break through just trying it for the first time. And then once you kind of get your own little system going you realize it's not really A big deal just to like incorporate it as part of your your daily routine. And like I said before bed is such a great time for to really absorb into your body and make sure that you're getting the most out of it.


Unknown Speaker  15:12  

Absolutely. i That's a really good idea. Really, I didn't think about that taking it right before bed. You know, that's really smart.


Unknown Speaker  15:26  

I mean, there are issues, there are issues with like leakage, and it'd be reusing it vaginally more so so using like a liner in your underwear. You know, it's just like, if you're, you need to use if you need to urinate, you wouldn't want to like it was a woman, you wouldn't want to use a depository vaginal and then go pee, like, you know, that's just it could potentially like leak out of you. So just kind of being like, strategic about when you use it and then realizing that it's it's a small amount of cocoa butter. So it's nothing like crazy where the Depository is, if you were when I was a child they were used for you know, if you're constipated, it's not like that. Make you really need to go the bathroom or anything like that it kind of just absorbs into your body. And it's not as big deal people as people think it is, I think,


Unknown Speaker  16:10  

yeah, I mean, it was always part of the colonoscopy prep. It wasn't the last time I had one. And I was like, very happy about that. But But vaginally though the procedure, I have to speak to the fact that I have also have endometriosis. And I used them during my period last month, and it was really helpful. I mean, truly, because I usually have such severe cramps. And it really helps with that. So


Unknown Speaker  16:42  

they're an absolute game changer for cramps, I have to say that's what I was. I've been using them for for years. And if you can get it in those like early, either right before you start or like in that first day one, day two, it will really change like that internal inflammation and that anger. Yes, that's so many of us feel it really did. I mean, I was I've had, I mean, last one, I actually gave birth to my twins, right after my doctor was like, has anyone ever told you you have endometriosis? And I was like, No. And he's like, Okay, now then that's fine. And I was like, do I have endometriosis? You were just like, had me opened, it was like a really weird moment. So I think I might have some internal scarring and things like that. Because growing up and through my 20s, the cramping I dealt with the periods, it's been so bad. And ever since we've been making these depositories for the last four years, it just doesn't affect my life, like how it used to. And I'm so grateful for that.


Unknown Speaker  17:40  

And this episode will be airing during endometriosis Awareness Month. So please find out about that, because I think it's like one in three people have it and they don't know it. I've written a lot about it myself. And unfortunately, there's still so much that is unknown. And you can get it everywhere. Like you can actually the lesions can attach to every single organ in your body, even your eyeballs. And there's a thing called thoracic endometriosis, just to kind of just illustrate how there's still so much that isn't known and how doctors don't understand and aren't even trying to understand. i The last time I went to the gynecologist I told her, I think I might have I've been having these pains around my you know, my sides during my period, like around where my lungs are, you know, and I said, you know, I've read about it growing and Demetrius growing on your lungs, and actually another doctor that an urgent care doctor said that to me thoracic endometriosis. And she laughed at me. And was like, yeah, no, I don't think so. So yeah, there is a lot that is unknown still. And a lot of people don't talk about it. And thing is, if your mother or your sister has it, you're like, more than 50% likely to have it yourself. So Wow. So that's my PSA about endometriosis. But let's talk about the formulation because you did talk about cocoa butter. So what went into that? Because I know that you really were thinking about, you know, a certain type of delivery system. So how did you get to that point?


Unknown Speaker  19:27  

Sure. So we wanted something that could be made from 100% organic ingredients. So we didn't want to go down the route of trying to incorporate any synthetic or they have if you look at a depository like at CVS, it'll have all sorts of ingredients in there. It's not just cocoa butter and medicine, and we wanted something that was gonna be all organic and then also stable enough at room temperature. You do want a fatty base so a cocoa butter is about I believe 60 65% saturated fat that's not as high as Coke, coconut oil. Like if you were to make depositories at home, you know for the cannabis for something, you know, really serious and I would say, oh make cocoa and coconut oil ones with a little bit of cocoa butter. But it's got it's gonna, you know, liquefy at room temperature if it's warm enough. So making those for customers, it's just not feasible, it won't stay homogenized, it'll just be a mess. So cocoa butter stays solid at room temp, but the best part is at 95 degrees it will liquefy so that is you know, less than our internal body temperature. So once it goes in our body, it will become liquid and then allow it to absorb into our body. Cocoa butter doesn't throw off, you know, pH it's hydrating. I mean, some people use depositories for you know prior before sexual activity just literally to like lubricate and moisturize down there as well. So there's so many uses for vaginal and rectal rectal suppositories. And it's, it's really, it's really fun to see like all the different ways that people are able to use them too because you could even eat a suppository. You know, we wanted something that could be edible too. That's amazing. It's just cocoa butter and CBD. So yeah, you could literally do you want it to make your own topicals you could drop this depositories into and make your own salt at home. You know we're going to be making them affordable enough since it's a simple product that like you can have all sorts of fun because depositories to


Unknown Speaker  21:32  

that's awesome. Because I'm sure it helps with a lot of things and like I just talked about it's an endometriosis Awareness Month. And because I've endometriosis I thought I'd read this little quote from Ken Nygma. I hope I'm saying that correctly. Anyway. People who use the posit that I did I use it. I say it correctly. I've been like trying to figure it to Nigma okay. So people who use suppositories vaginally also report benefits for endometriosis and extremely painful disease caused by the growth of uterus tissue growing outside of the uterus. This route of administration may also help with periods and premenstrual syndrome. In the last few years, there have been several high profile reported stories of women using a vaginal cannabis depository for cramps. So have you heard any stories from customers who do use it vaginally?


Unknown Speaker  22:32  

Yes. So like I said, we've been giving them out for years. And we do have someone who has used it for endometriosis, several people and then also, surprisingly, probably an equal amount of people that we've been giving them to use it for icy, which is a really painful bladder condition where you get like cysts on your bladder. And that provides like a ton of relief for people dealing with that as well. Which is a lot of something else people really really suffer with in pain. I've met so many women who deal with icy and if I don't if I made some didn't make depositories. I don't think I would have ever known they had it. You know, one of my actually our former employees had it and it was she would miss work sometimes because she was just in so much pain. And one of our customers that has been getting suppositories for about a year from us. She says they're just like next level and the CBG CBD ones she notices a huge difference than the CBD only ones actually we've done testing with her and her having used both, and the CBG ones are just that next level for pain relief. So that's been interesting in our in our research,


Unknown Speaker  23:40  

what made you decide to add CBG.


Unknown Speaker  23:42  

So CBG actually works with the CB one and CB two receptors directly, unlike CBD, so they're actually finding that it can be better for pain relief. And it's also been found to be incredibly helpful for gut inflammation. So that's just strictly like just eating CBG on its own, has been found to really help with gut inflammation. So it only makes sense. If it's so great for gut inflammation, why wouldn't we put in a suppository and stick it you know, we just put it directly where you need inflammation and got relief, that inflammation relief rather, so we're just I love telling people that like, hey, that's CBD, one that's that's a great place to start. But if like you read that knew that next level, that CBG CBD one will really really help with pain rather than just really inflammation. It helps with both.


Unknown Speaker  24:34  

That's amazing. I love that you just send them out. I mean, I just love that so much. I guess that's why you got cannabis activated a year, right? Like you are doing so much great work and I really appreciate everything you're doing in this space. And we didn't even touch on all of that. But people can definitely find out more about you in a lot of different places. But where do you Where can they find you specifically where do You want to point people to?


Unknown Speaker  25:01  

Sure. So you can find out our website is the healing Rose We are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you can also find my professional LinkedIn page, Laura beaner. I try to try to post on there. When I remember. Like, you know, I do my best to social but our website, we're very active. In terms of like, shipping orders out, we ship within 24 hours most of the time, you can also give us a call. And we are so happy to talk to any customers one on one through any personalized questions or like what product might be right. There's also a live chat on the website and I texting customers all day long who are on there. So you can actually contact me, myself or my partner directly through that feature as well.


Unknown Speaker  26:35  

And now we're joined by a dear friend of the podcast, Canna mom celebrity Simone brand, and she's going to talk about something really awesome that she has to offer. People who have the availability.


Unknown Speaker  26:55  

Yes, yes, that's that's the that's the key, right? Availability? Yes. And affordability, childcare. All of the above all of the above. Okay, well, I was writing an email this morning to my list. And I haven't sent it yet about this tour. But the first thing that I wanted to say that sort of came to mind is for anyone who's known me for any length of time, they know that I love to travel, and I used to travel a lot before kids and then like 13 years ago, which sounds really weird when I say it. When I became a parent, it just like, you know, it stopped. I didn't have any more money. I didn't have any more time, I had no ability to get away for years and years. So the fact that I have a little bit of space now that my kids are a little bit older, feels amazing. And so I just I want to bring people with me, I want to bring as many moms as we can fit on this trip to you know, for self care for immersion in cannabis. I guess I should back up and tell you what this is about. So


Unknown Speaker  28:01  

it's funny because we're both writers. And we both do that. We're like, let's just jump to the ending and then work our way back.


Unknown Speaker  28:09  

I know I know. Hey, basics. So I am leading a Columbia cannabis tour, the weed mom tour with a partnership with wind Hill tours and wind a little bit about wind hill. They are Medical Marijuana Medical cannabis growers in Maine. And they've been doing it for a little while now and growing some really good, beautiful nags. And they traveled a couple of years a couple and they traveled a couple of years ago with their little kids to Colombia. And it found some really good cannabis found some amazing coffee, made lots of local friends and partnerships. And they figured, you know, people would really like to see this. I mean, it's a cannabis, beautiful climate for growing cannabis. It's a it's a gorgeous space, like hilly green, it's known as the coffee region of Colombia. So like the, you know, high quality coffee comes from there. And they, they just wanted to share Colombian culture and food and cannabis and all that with people. So we've partnered to offer this tour, which is coming up really, really soon, April 30 to May 5 of this year. So you know, coming up in like a month and a half already. And I am just like thrilled. So this is gonna be kind of a shorter tour than the other ones they offer. The other ones are eight days as soon as five days. I wanted it to be, you know, a little more accessible to moms who, you know, this is gonna be a big deal to get away for most of us, right? And we plan on having first of all, we're staying at this luxurious thinker, luxurious in a country estate kind of way. Not, you know, not a city kind of luxurious, but a beautiful green environment. There's a pool there. And there's an onsite chef who's gonna cook us our three meals a day of traditional Colombian food. And when we get there there's going to be Beautiful welcome baskets full of herbal delights of cannabis. And during that during the tour basically during the experience people have a chance to to visit cannabis grows where we get to like talk about cultivation, talk about different methods talk about you know, kind of the ins and outs of cannabis terpenes and you know, smelling different strains and trying a lot of things, talking with an agronomist who is extremely knowledgeable in that regard. Also will visit a coffee think of a state where we'll have tastings and again, you know, just the ability to see this agricultural products growing right in front of us and then you know, watching the roasting process and having them talk about like the whole, the whole, you know, farm to drinking farm to table kind of experience. We're also going to visit a spa and have some massages and just you know, some pampering in there there's gonna be there's actually a yoga instructor who will come to the Finca and teach us three elevated sessions. really authentic yoga. Yeah. And


Unknown Speaker  31:07  

the coffee part you're speaking my language because you know, I'm a coffee, which like, I love coffee.


Unknown Speaker  31:19  

Like my eyes are getting all like dreamy, because I'm thinking about it, but I can't go but if I could, I would be so excited about the coffee


Unknown Speaker  31:31  

for me, too.


Unknown Speaker  31:33  

Are you seeing cannabis cultivation as well while you're there? Or is this mostly far?


Unknown Speaker  31:37  

Coffee? Yeah, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  31:39  

we are seeing cannabis cultivation as well. There are, you know, many growers going on. And some of them apparently, you know, according to this, these growers and Maine who really know what they're talking about, some of them are like, really ramping up to be good quality, high quality. Columbia is a perfect climate for cannabis, you know, to grow, as we know, historically.


Unknown Speaker  31:59  

So how can people? How can people find out about this? How can they purchase tickets? Are you doing this again next year, you're going to see how it goes?


Unknown Speaker  32:09  

Yeah, the plan is to do it on a yearly basis. If this goes you know, if we feel this tour, and you know, and then I can I can get this weed mom thing going on. It's so people can sign up by going to winter Hill And you know, just learn about the environment and learn about the tour, there's lots of FAQs, transportation, all that good stuff. And then if they just go to book tour, there'll be able to find my specific tour, there's, you know, also others being offered this year. So you know, it's not the only one that we bumped towards not the only one. But I would love folks to join us, you know, especially moms to join me and, you know, really get some self care and, and some community time. And that's something that I think for a lot of us moms, we're missing on a daily basis, that sense of community, that sense of being able to let our guard down with other cannabis people, and enjoys himself care away from the family so that we can, you know, fill our own cups and come back with more more joy.


Unknown Speaker  33:06  

That's amazing. I love that. Have you been to Colombia before?


Unknown Speaker  33:09  

I have not actually this will be my first time I have traveled in Latin America. I've been to Peru and lots of Caribbean and Central American countries, but not Colombia yet. Oh, so


Unknown Speaker  33:19  

do you don't even know how to pack? You don't know how to ask for it. I just spoke to someone who just returned from there. And they said it was cold. It was actually quite cold. I mean, not compared to where we are right now.


Unknown Speaker  33:34  

Right? In the hills, it can get a little chilly for sure. It's not, you know, it's not a uniform climate. I know that by the beach and the coastal areas, it can be pretty tropical and warm. And then we're going to be a little bit more in the highlands. So yeah, well, we'll definitely need to pack a sweatshirt or two.


Unknown Speaker  33:52  

It might be I mean, who knows what the way the way the weather has been going. So before we end, let's just quickly recap, where can people find the tickets? What's the cut off and what is included?


Unknown Speaker  34:06  

Okay, so that's an all inclusive tour, basically. So once you're there on the ground, you don't have to spend any money at all, it does not include airfare. That's the only thing it really doesn't include. So that includes on the ground transportation to and from the airport and to and from all of the different activities we're going to do. It includes all the accommodations, all the food, all the cannabis, you know, just the massages, the yoga, the whole experience. It's like all inclusive, but boutique, it's small, it's limited. We only have you know, eight to 12 spots. And folks can find it at wind Hill tours, you know, wind Hill And my tour is that if you hit the book tour button, you'll find my tour right right there. And what was the other question?


Unknown Speaker  34:56  

Um, I think you answered them all, but we should probably get mentioned that there is a discount code of $40 out using the code. Do we have to use the app? Symbol? Yes. Okay. So at Danielle Simone brand is the code that people can use at checkout to receive a $49 discount? When is the title?


Unknown Speaker  35:22  

We don't have an official cut off, we probably should have. But I'm gonna


Unknown Speaker  35:29  

make a last minute decision, you know, like, say treat yourself like, hey, why not? You know, I mean, if I had childcare, I would, I wouldn't do it. A little bit more time to plan. But yeah, I mean, I think this is amazing. And I think if you can do it, go, go now. Go down.


Unknown Speaker  35:49  

Going to I think it's going to be an immersive experience, you know, and Colombian food, Colombian culture, coffee, cannabis, all those things together. It's just like a beautiful, sparkly combination in mind.


Unknown Speaker  36:07  

Yeah, the accommodations look gorgeous, too. So I'm excited for you at least I can get like a third party experience whenever they


Unknown Speaker  36:20  

actually Yes, please. And maybe next year, maybe next year. So folks are familiar with Mary prior? Hopefully they are she's been down there recently she did a trip and you know, had some stuff up on her Instagram about it. And also the dank Duchess, who is I think LA based and she was she had a recent trip there as well. So there's like, you know, some footage on their, on their social media and just some info about it. If you're if you're curious to hear from someone who was recently there, because that will be me soon, but it isn't yet.


Unknown Speaker  36:56  

Well, I'm excited. And I'm so glad that you came on to tell us about it. And I hope that a listener or two gets to take advantage of this awesome opportunity. So before we end really quickly tell people where they can find you.


Unknown Speaker  37:11  

They can find me on Instagram at Daniel Seimone brand as long as that my account doesn't get deleted because you know how it is these days. I'm also at weed mom book on Instagram and then my website my own personal website is Danielle Seema. Awesome. Thank you. So thank you so much for letting me come on and talk about this. I am super super excited about this. Like, again, I am a travel enthusiast. I'm a cannabis enthusiast quite obviously and the ability to combine those two things like often when I travel I don't get cannabis at the same time so to combine those two is just really I'm super enthusiastic about that.


Unknown Speaker  37:49  

And coffee don't forget about the coffee


Unknown Speaker  37:53  

I don't know if they have decaf and Columbia but I'm gonna have to ask for it because I I have a weird relationship with caffeine I love love love coffee and it messes me up


Unknown Speaker  38:11  

I'm usually a drinker because of how much coffee affects me but I love it I love it so I'm gonna go for it on this trip awesome


Unknown Speaker  38:37  

good peace and love magical folks readings beautiful souls. My name is magical goddess. And I'm back with more where in the world is V dopa segment brought to you by the Your Highness podcast. Bringing the visual and written adventures at the traveling beacon Canvas writer to your ears will flavor in year. So for those who are following Veronica Castillo, her amazing adventures and manifestations have found a lead that hurts Puerto Rico, where she is and has been for the past three months. Before diving into that though, I really want to take a look back a little further to July 2022. And talk about the full circle fashion and how we prepared to go home to to Puerto Rico after she was in Florida. So initially, we went to Florida to slow it down and get ready for the Caribbean. But she was already writing the vision of being fully immerse for about as long as you've been writing about cannabis. If you follow her on Facebook, I thought it would be on Facebook before I follow her anywhere else. And she was always talking about wanting to go home to Puerto Rico. So this was a this was a big vision and it was a major manifestation. Before embarking for that encounter where she so beautifully puts it. She jumped back on the vote for button breakfast tour. She reviewed listings across the country and this would make it the fifth time in four years that she had traveled across country on a tour like schedule. You can check out those reviews on the button breakfast website and socials. V was basically like like she was preparing to go to Puerto Rico. She was like, I'll be back when I'm back. That's what she posted on December 7, actually before she boarded a one way flight to Puerto Rico. Her focus was set on digging into cannabis travel, plant Med and of course were to eat vegan in the Caribbean. For as long as spirit guided her visa ambition was to stay across the islands, as was all of her stays on this journey and is made possible by the network of fabulous sponsors. And when I say fabulous, I mean fabulous. The most recent thing is sky high P E. O, a full service PEO, helping cannabis businesses with all of their HR needs. Sky generously sponsored these December and January island states. So now we're going to catch ourselves up back to March because that's where we are now. And v is still on the islands, but she says she's ready to come home. Right now. She's on the west side and plans to stay until the end of March. And then she'll be coming back here to the States in April. The extended stay at in Puerto Rico is sponsored by green Corp specialty insurance. Green Corp is an agency making sure that cannabis businesses are protected from buildings to cars to theft. And it's also sponsored by high class a CBD infused skincare line based on the East Coast United States. Hi class is actually a brand that I've had the pleasure of trying. And I've also had the honor of meeting the owner and the founder of the high class. She's amazing. Her name is Sita and her products are out of this world. I actually tried the three part skincare, I guess I'm gonna call it a skincare kit, because you don't have to use them all together, but you can use them separately. But together as best. So there is a there's a sugar scrub, there is a body balm. And then there's a lip balm. And the wonderful things about all of these products is that they are all one infused with CBD carefully curated. And then the essential oils that have been chosen and the products that go in our products that are good for inflammation. And they're good for pain. They're good for dark spots, and under eye correction. It's really an amazing, amazing collection. So you check out had the high class that's a black owned woman owned CBD infused skincare line. And the owners from New Jersey shout out to Jersey A. So back to what we were talking about with V. So far B has shared the entire Atlantic coast of the island and has been exploring the sea as well. So look out for some articles featuring Island businesses, people and other muscIes some fun facts to share about these visiting Puerto Rico that she want to learn how to cook rice, and could it be for them, which I gotta say congratulations to use this, because I'm pretty sure that all of us have had Asians cooking rice for a pretty long time. And we finally get to that point where you know how to do it right? Well, I know it's amazing. I know it's gonna be good. So I'm expecting some beans and rice when I see you soon. Um, the next thing we wanted us to know is that she actually started eating bananas because she can't stand the cost of produce, which was astronomically high, especially during February. They forced her to deal with the texture and she actually started to love them. So that's what's up. And that's a good source of potassium, vitamin K. So good for you. Good for you. And then finally, she says she learned that it's tomato sauce, and not barbecue sauce that goes in beans and rice. Now listen. That's fair, you know, that's a fair assumption, because it's the spices that you got to know you got to know what you're working with. And for it, you've had thought that it was barbecue sauce. I mean, that makes sense. But it's not I mean that you got to be in the right game together. So again, I'm expecting a big ass plate when I see you next. Coming soon. We will be sharing another big Canna industry tour. So if you remember the last time we saw we on she was touring with tree cookies, touring the facilities for her hemp company. So the next thing is probably going to be something so big, we just want to be hot hearing it. I'm really excited. Stay tuned, you got to stay tuned for that elevation. Tap in. For recent articles, we launched the all people places and psychedelics column with MJ news network. That column is sponsored by sky high P E. O shout out to Sky High follow along in her journey. And you'll see that he often speaks about psychedelics in their mind healing visionary effects. I actually asked me when we were reviewing her time on in Puerto Rico if she had utilized mushroom healing while she was there. And she said that she had indeed and it gave her so many beautiful travel insights. She said month one and she said the downloads received while my feet were in the portal, the ocean that raised me the ocean my ancestors traveled across and it was amazing. I never come to the ocean and leave here the same motions have me connecting with my dad, the life in the ocean came to my feet. The whispers in the wind told me secrets. So ultimately nice to the comments on the collective voice of the island. And I have to say in true fashion, I feel as if all he has shared is the beautiful insight and the words that she has heard in the wind. She shared a lot about her father and the impact that his death also has brought to her life. So I'm excited about reading more about the story and how she connected with Puerto Rico and how she connected with her inner self. Also in print and media, we attended mjbizcon in 2020 Zoo and covered a plethora of like excellence check for the stories in skunk magazine and honeysuckle magazine, the latter of which she actually is a regular contributor. So shout out to V and honeysuckle as well and it's going to magazine we appreciate you. She was recently featured on mainstreaming cannabis, how to collaborate with tribal partners, which was a panel that was hosted at the Cannabis tribal World Fair. So our sisters teaching y'all. I do believe that the voice that V shares is the voice of a teacher. And when she teaches it's with an open mind and an open heart as well. So while she's teaching, she's also learning she's sharing it in real time you also you have to tap in lots of sponsors, and you have also landed another handful of new sponsors that keep her on the road and keep her covered. So if you're looking to sponsor this journey, because you want to one be a part of it, and two because you believe in the vision tap in follow me on all socials, subscribe to her site, the traveling veg Canna And of course, subscribe to this podcast, Your Highness, because this segment is an overview of what she's covering and published and where she's headed. Where in the world is Vi. Right now she's in PR and we expect to see her coming up soon. Thank you so much for tapping in with me. Again, my name is magical goddess Dom, you can follow me on Instagram and magical goddess DOM nein nein nein You can also follow my damn right division page that introduces my publishing company right division universal publications. We are a music and print and media company so it's really awesome to see how things are blossoming in that area and can't stay connected on LinkedIn for professional updates and tap in with us wherever you see us. And tapping listening Astro you know when you when you when you light one light one on our behalf and might want for yourself as well. Take a deep breath. Inhale, good smoke and exhale BS. So me, peace and love.


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Thanks for listening. You can find us on Instagram at Your Highness podcast, or on Twitter at Highness podcast. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and subscribe.


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