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Patient advocate Myisha King talks about giving her children CBD, and owner of Manna Life Health & Wellness Jennifer Cannap talks about the Maryland canna scene.

Episode Notes

Join me, Diana Krach, and my guest Myisha King, as we kick off our chat with our favorite cannabis-related and non-cannabis-related things. From Granddaddy Purp and Betty Eddie's extra-strength CBD fruit juice to a local comic book store and the amusing antics of a loved one, we cover a variety of topics that show our love for all things cannabis and beyond. 

Listen in as Myisha discusses the transformative impact of CBD on her family, especially her nonverbal daughter. She shares the initial reluctance, the compelling encouragement from her husband, and the momentous breakthrough with her daughter. 

The discussion then navigates the complex process of obtaining medical cards in Maryland with our second guest, Jen, a local medical card certifier. We address the pervasive stigma around medical cannabis, the spread of misinformation online, and the challenges that come with acquiring a medical card in Maryland through her business Manna Health and Wellness. She talks about the potential of the cannabis industry in Maryland, and her hopes for its acceptance and normalization.

0:15 - Welcome to Your Highness Podcast 

0:52 - Fave pot

2:53 - Fave not pot 

9:12 - Myisha's story

18:13 - Where can people find you?

21:39 - Jenn from Manna

Episode Transcription

Speaker 1  0:00  

Hi I'm your host Diana Krach and today I am joined by my Isha King. I should have asked before Do you want me to call you my Isha Malone king or my Isha King? Which what? My response? Okay? You're sweet. Okay, so we are here today with my Isha King and we're going to start this episode as we do every episode with our recurring segment fav pot and faith not pot where we each talk about our favorite, our favorite cannabis related thing at the moment and our favorite non cannabis related thing at the moment. So I am going to start my Isha and this one is one I've been wanting to talk about for a while. It's a local company called Betty's Eddie's are local to us.


Speaker 2  1:03  

Daddy, daddy. Daddy, daddy, love them. Wait, Betty. Eddie's local.


Unknown Speaker  1:09  

Well, local ish, you know? Yeah. Local ish. Enough.


Unknown Speaker  1:15  

My favorite kind is


Speaker 1  1:19  

which one is your favorite? Repeat? Oh, I haven't tried that one. This one's called achy. Eddie's and it's it's cherry. And it's an extra strength. Full. True for trues fruit juice. They are really good. I think it's what like 40 milligrams of CBD. Try that. Yeah, this was really nice because it has CBC in it as well, which is like really good for pain. So I need to get more of them, as you can tell by that. What's your favorite part right now?


Speaker 2  1:52  

My favorite part. I love anything that's push related. But right now I'm smoking granddaddy perk, and I love it. It's like an it's a vape pen like a bird to use a vape pen over smoking a flower only because the vape pen I can do it at my discretion and anytime I need to versus having to roll up or get a pre roll or something like that. So


Unknown Speaker  2:20  

yeah. Especially in Maryland. If I finally someone who understands that I mean,


Speaker 2  2:28  

me and my husband had our medical cannabis card and prescription before the dispensaries even open. So when they finally opened it was just like Voltron. Yeah, right. Seriously. One is one right around the corner from my house called Maggie's. Well, they call it Liberty cannabis now, but they used to be called Maggie's dispensary.


Speaker 1  2:47  

Yeah, I'm familiar. That's a nice dispensary, though, isn't it? Yeah, they are. Alright, so my fav not pot is actually a podcast. And it is called that's messed up an SVU podcast. So for those? Yes. If you know. I am a big True Crime fan. But I also want to yay.


Unknown Speaker  3:18  

Love true crime. I love true crime and murder mystery.


Speaker 1  3:21  

Yes. And I love law and order. And I just started getting into SVU weirdly, like the last couple of years, even though like I've always, it's always been on the periphery, right? Like I I've watched a few episodes here and there. But I always thought like the original recipe was the best and right now I'm like fully I fully changed my mind and SVU is


Speaker 2  3:40  

you go more into detail. Yeah, they do a lot of work from the headline. Yes.


Speaker 1  3:44  

And so this podcast, I'm just gonna read it. Each week. Comedians and amateur detectives Lisa Trager and Kara Clank break down episodes of Law and Order SVU deep dive into the true crimes they're based on and interview on screen talent ranging from big stars to joggers to find the bodies. And like literally, they have some big stars on here too. It's like I'll actually go back and rewatch an episode that they go over because they recap the episode first and then they talk about you gotta send it to Oh, yeah, it's so good. It's so good. And then and then they go into the true crime that the episodes on it's sometimes it's like an amalgamation of crimes, you know, like this. This is but and then they have somebody on and it's really cool because they've had the woman who plays Rollins on there and


Speaker 2  4:35  

Oh, love her. Loved Rawlings on SVU


Speaker 1  4:38  

Yeah, and you find out really cool stuff behind the scenes, you know, and yeah, I'm surprised because I guess they they're both kind of actors themselves. I think they get they have like a little bit, you know, oven connection, you know better but yeah, it's it's really good. It's one of my favorite ones right now. So what's your favorite pot?


Speaker 2  4:59  

You My favorite nut pot is a two parter my favorite not I love when my husband randomly does crazy stuff. Like my husband is the peak I can guess personality. But he randomly will just do crazy stuff with say crazy stuff to me and they always make me break out laughing. So, like, we were in. We were in the store one day and he just he just was like moving to town was like this was just a part of me. He was like, yeah, when you see my hand do this, this may move off the way and I'm just burst out laughing. I'm like, I'm like what I'm like, that was random. But he always like he always have a sense of humor. Like he always try to make me laugh. Even when I'm having a bad day. Like he always tried to do something to keep my spirits lifted. Yeah, that's one of my favorite notepads. And I know you probably see on my page, but I'm a huge Batman and Harley Quinn fan. Okay. So we just found out that Elcom in our local comic store is going out of business. And everything is 50% off and tomorrow is the last day open. So the first thing that popped in my mind, I wonder is that Joker statue? Because I love Batman. So the reason that I love Batman is because he's the one superhero that has no superpowers. He's a customer here. What? Yeah. Okay, so he did get back. My attitude is a bit. And most people and most people think I'm a dick. It's like, I'm not a dick, but I just speak my mind. You can't handle what I say when I speak my mind. I don't want to know friends. I'm gonna call you on your bullshit. Yeah. If you do something I don't like I'm like, hey, you know, that wasn't very friendly to you, like you say to get it another way. And they just keep looking at me like you could have started another one. And I was like, well, maybe my deliverance might have came off a little weird, but I made it like that. Make it like this. Maybe like, No, you make it like that.


Speaker 1  6:54  

Yeah, I get the same way. I get looks too because my husband be like, do you even know what Your looks are? And now I'm starting to see my son. You know, we both I'm starting to see like how that reflects back at me. I'm like, oh, that look those looks Oh, yeah,


Speaker 2  7:09  

my face is gonna tell you. My face immediately. Like baby like in the chronic illness community. David, like, you're so nice. You're so friendly. David, like you're you're willing to help. I'm like, yeah, when I was diagnosed, I didn't have that help. Right. My doctor basically was like, You got Crohn's and sent me on my way. Yep. I was like, I just don't want nobody to feel the way I felt. I felt alone when I was first diagnosed. And that gut feeling alone. It hurt. Yeah, and I didn't want nobody else to feel like that.


Speaker 1  7:37  

It is so lonely. It's like, and they're so like cavalier about it, too. When I first got my diagnosis, the GI was like, Well, you have Crohn's, and it's like cancer, except it won't kill you. And then just like walked out.


Unknown Speaker  7:53  

Like cancer, but it won't kill.


Speaker 1  7:55  

Except it can. But anyway. Alright, so we're not going to talk about Crohn's today that much because this is not the focus of Crohn's is not the focus of this episode, even though I work it into pretty much every conversation. And also, I have to say, I love your game of Crohn's like what a fantastic name. When I saw that I was like, Ah, perfect, perfect name. I love that. Ever feel like life stress gets to be too much. Welcome to meet your Gaia, your natural wellness partner. We are the number one rated provider of kratom. A 100% natural plant based solution used in Asia for centuries to help increase focus, energy and relaxation. Want to know more? Use the code YH pod to get 10% off your first order today. That's meet your and code y h pod for 10% off. So we are talking about Crohn's for a minute again. I mean, Crohn's is part of it. All right, but Right. It's what led you to become such a fierce Patient Advocate. Right? Or at least it had a lot to do with it. I'm sure. Oh,


Speaker 2  9:27  

actually, I wasn't going to become an advocate at all. Yeah, I didn't want to. I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to become an advocate. I didn't even want to speak to people. My husband was like, No, share your story. Yeah, he was like, he was like, your story is going to help hundreds and millions of people. He was like, you have to get out there and share your story baby. He was like you're gonna help so many people, just like you need to. And then I was like, You know what, you're right. And then I started the Facebook group saying instagram name. That's me. And then people started joining and then I wanted to branch out further and my advocacy And I linked up with the Crohn's and Colitis foundation. I'll actually be, I actually be, um, their patient representative at the Air Force symposium September 11 and 12. So I'll be in New York.


Speaker 1  10:11  

Wow. See, I used to do work for them. But when they came out against cannabis for Crohn's I, I kind of just moved away from. I don't know, I just was like, That's disappointing. But I guess I'll check back in if you're doing is it the CCI? A different group?


Unknown Speaker  10:28  

It's the ccfa. Okay, yeah, I


Unknown Speaker  10:29  

used to do fundraising for them. But then like, I like


Speaker 2  10:32  

ccfa As a whole, like, they have a lot of stuff that I just don't agree with. Yeah. But on the standpoint of IBD I like what they do.


Speaker 1  10:40  

Okay. That's fair. I understand. I agree with you there. So, like I said, You're a fierce advocate for yourself and for other people, but you're also a fierce advocate for your children who need it the most, right? Yeah. So let's, let's talk about that a little bit. You gave your daughter CBD and and medical cannabis, right?


Speaker 2  11:03  

Well, no, CBD first. Okay, we started CBD in 2021. Uh huh. And what was medical kids but not medical cannabis. We just introduced this year. Okay.


Speaker 1  11:15  

When you gave her the CBD what was what was the feeling of the cannabis industry in Maryland? Like what was the date? Well,


Speaker 2  11:25  

because you know, because I had my medical cannabis card me and my husband we asked questions at the dispensary first and you know, we've told them our situation will lose experience and and he was like they were like, you know you might want because we didn't like we don't want her to have the highest set. And even when we gave her medical cannabis, it t it's it has low low low THC, majority of it is CBD base CBD in CB, G, CB, G and CBC. So it'd be pretty high based and like I told you, we gave it to her and like within hours she was talking and she was she's like I said she's nonverbal. So we use a lot of sensory pictures styling we do American styling with real heavy, so for her to actually talk and form a sentence the amount of tears that came out my face when she said Mommy when she said Daddy when she called her brothers and sisters names when she was able to tell me how old she was and what her name was that stuck. She was never able to do without signing. So to hear her do that. I was like thank you God I was like thank you CBD Why didn't I think about you sooner? Like why why was I so good? I was against against marijuana. I was against CBD. I was one of those people that was biased. I was one of them. So my husband and my husband just kept talking about it and every time we went to the dispensary I always had a question I wanted to know as much as I could and how this was really going to affect my daughter and myself. So you know I got her these gummies from a dispensary the peach you know what a peach gummy candy rings and you know I got it for one or two of spring Davidson. I was like, you know, it's all enough and what do we got to lose?


Unknown Speaker  13:08  

And that was we had family bring? CBD. CBD peach gummy. Okay, yeah, BB


Speaker 2  13:17  

gummy rings we got from the dispensary. It says 100% CBD, CBC and CBG.


Speaker 1  13:25  

And so, like, what was the reaction outside of your home to her?


Speaker 2  13:32  

They were like, you're giving your child CBD. I wouldn't do that. And I was like, exactly. It's not your child. So you don't have to do it. I'm like a matter of fact, your child might need some CBD could they hypers fucking, they need to calm down. Like they need to calm down. Like they just really I put my nieces and nephews over life. And I'm just like, Girl, they don't send them over here. I say Could they gonna come home calm because I've been in gave them some CBD and she was like, girl, you ain't gonna get that to my child. I was like, Well, it's good. I was like, I was like looking around and they're just like, oh my god, I'm talking. She never talked before. Like, she told him the whole conversation. I was like, CBD girl. Yeah, CBD. She was like, Whoa, you know, I really think you should get the kids because CBD had weed in it. I said no, CBD is the component that helps make weed but it grows on trees, your extract that you extract the medical cannabis. Like I was breaking it down. So she was like, How are you so knowledgeable about cannabis. I was like, I'm gonna be knowledgeable because I'm giving it something I'm giving to my kid. And I said I would never give my kids something that I never tried myself. Right. I said, I would never do that. I said medical cannabis. I said that's something I choose for my condition. I said, I don't really care about the high effect. I use it because it helps give me a better quality of life. Right? I give it to my kids because it's given them a better quality of life. I don't care which opinion is about why I shouldn't. The fact is you don't live in my house. My household you don't run in my household. My husband is the head of my household and and then it's me. I'm like so if we come together and we land down I've had the pillow talk, and we've just come to a decision. And that's what we're going to do. We're going to do what works best for our family. And it's helping, it's made a significant impact. And our daughter and our son, it's helped significantly on baby girl angel. She's been using it for sleep because she sleep problems running out family. So she's been using it for sleep, and it's helping her get a full night's sleep because that's something she was never able to do. Wow. It's made a huge impact. Yeah, so I'm the one that's going to be out there talking about yes, we need to keep cannabis and we need to keep CBD because it's a game changer. It's babies a miracle thing that can help so many, but yet, it's so controversial, and it's so many people that are


Speaker 1  15:43  

against it. Seriously, when I wrote about it just a few years ago, even pediatricians who were in cannabis like who are widely known as cannabis pediatricians, right? They told me that they wouldn't give CBD to a child unless it was an extreme situation. And it's like, what's your Canon,


Speaker 2  16:05  

your cannabis? Doctor? Right? Like, prescribe you give prescriptions for medical cannabis? How can you be a good touch? Like, that's been really bias to me? Like, what?


Speaker 1  16:16  

Yeah, and so I'm curious, like, how did you communicate the change to the doctors in her life?


Speaker 2  16:25  

Well, I told my doctor I started given autumn CBD and what what was there? So they said, Oh, how? How has it been working? Like how has it been affected her autumn is 2020 mentally she's aged two to five based off of her IEP and stuff. But the doctors date day was like she see her pediatrician up until she's 21. And they were like, they were all for it. There was like this whole thing. You know, it's all boy, they just wanted to document the milligrams, you know how often she was taking it? How often was given a tour? And what it what side effects, if any, if she hadn't got was it?


Speaker 1  17:00  

Wow. So I guess I shouldn't be scared to tell the pediatrician that we've been giving our son CBD because I'm just afraid of any kind of like intervention, you know, even with things changing so rapidly. So what advice do you have for other parents of neurodivergent kids who want to try CBD, but they're really scared?


Speaker 2  17:23  

If you have any questions, don't be scared to ask those tough questions, because the only question is stupid is the one that has an answer. For isn't X, I'm a huge advocate on telling my kids to x questions, because that's the only way you're gonna learn X questions x as many questions as you need to research, do your research, research is important. And if you if you get to the point where you want to try, try it. Don't don't care what people say people all are always going to have something to say whether it's good, whether you're doing something good, bad or indifferent, people are always going to form their own opinion of you. Let them think what they want. As long as you know what you're doing is right for you and your family or your kid does stick to what you believe in and don't pay attention to what other factors but


Speaker 1  18:06  

absolutely. I couldn't agree more. So is there anything else that you want to share about your experience with giving your children cannabis and CBD?


Speaker 2  18:19  

Except the fact that it's amazing, and I should have did a years ago. My kids are my kid. My girls are 20 and 18. And my boys are 14 and 11. Wow. Oh, let me let me brag a little bit. I got to City Nights, my kids. My kids go to the best school in the country. My daughter. My daughter is currently our last year and my son is I mean, he was our junior year my son is in just started ninth grade and they go to city, the castle up on the hill. That city I had to brag a little bit because I'm trying to get a three for three since autumn already graduated. I'm trying to get my mind sick. My sixth grader want to go to city teach them.


Speaker 1  18:56  

Okay, so my Isha. You've been such a help right now. Just I just love to hear your story. And I know that you have a lot to tell. And we'll have you back.


Speaker 2  19:08  

Yes, I do. I got something to talk about everything. Like I always got like I always have an opinion for something like so you're not a representative but buddy Collins right. So I'm going to be on their social media campaign for Crohn's disease and chronic pain and why I think pharmacies should fix their daggone ridiculous co pays and ridiculous prices they charge for medicine. So I was in a meeting with them. And he was like, Well, how do you feel about medical Access for All I said, See you to pick the wrong one the extra medical access for all because I believe everybody deserves quality health care. There shouldn't be a battle on Capitol Hill about giving someone proper treatment for their health care if it's going to prolong their life. That shouldn't even be a debate. It shouldn't even be a debate over women's rights and women's health. Like I don't I understand how men can make a decision over my body. Like, you shouldn't be allowed to do things like that you shouldn't be allowed to strip away people. Right. You shouldn't be allowed to, to hinder people from getting adequate health care. That's something that's important. And I'm an advocate for that. I believe everybody deserves health care.


Speaker 1  20:16  

Absolutely. Yeah, yes. And free healthcare. Really? Free quality health care. Yes. So you have a lot going on. But before we end, tell us where people can find you. How can they support you? What do you want to highlight right now?


Speaker 2  20:36  

You can find me on Instagram game of Chrome's the lead it in chronic illness, all one word.


Speaker 1  20:48  

And we'll link to it and there's nothing else you wanted to highlight.


Speaker 2  20:51  

Put like, I'd be on Facebook, but only the only to go in my group and check. Oh, shit. I like you to want Instagram way better.


Speaker 1  20:59  

Yeah. I'm not even on Facebook anymore. I haven't been on Facebook in actual years now. So I mean, other than that, like I've been able to go in and check messages here and there. But I don't check timelines are I don't know what's going on? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. All right. Well, thank you again for joining us today. You're


Speaker 2  21:22  

very welcome. You're very welcome. Always the plague.


Speaker 1  21:25  

We appreciate you. And we appreciate you listening. Until next time, stay high and beautiful. Bye. Mana life health and wellness. How are you doing today, Jen?


Unknown Speaker  21:43  

I'm doing well. Thank you so much for having me.


Speaker 1  21:46  

Thank you for being here. I'm so excited to talk to someone local, local, to me, at least. And I would love the background, because it's it's your beautiful place of business, which we'll get to that later. But it's just so visually stimulating. It's like hard to stay focused. I know. So Jennifer, are so Jen. Perfect. Jen. So you're very involved in the local wellness scene, and you're a medical card certifier? What are the attitudes you've witnessed, at least toward the recent legalization in Maryland, from a patient or consumer perspective? Wow, it's


Speaker 3  22:33  

still a struggle. It is really there's a stigma that surrounds it, there was actually a study that I just read a couple of nights ago, based on the stigma that people feel I have had patients come in feeling like they're doing something wrong, we have to talk through that are going to have to normalize it for them. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of the governmental agencies support it either. So the message that they're putting out there to the public is it's a gateway drug, be very careful. It can be one thing to another, which is such false information. And I think it's really scaring people. And people don't understand the process in Maryland at all. It's not an easy process to kind of walk through. So when they have questions they don't know who to go to. It's frustrating when the patient side.


Speaker 1  23:23  

You want to talk about that process a little bit? Yeah,


Speaker 3  23:27  

absolutely. So I always encourage everyone to come in and sit down with me so that we can talk first, before I send them to the Maryland Medical Cannabis site, because that can be overwhelming to have to fill that stuff out. So I bring them in, have them we do it together if they decide or if they're qualifying. And we walked through the whole process, and then I always send them to my absolute favorite dispensary rise, because everyone there is amazing. And I really feel like I mean, all of the dispensaries do wonderful. But I feel like REITs has a really good way of just making people feel comfortable making them feel welcome making them feel like they can ask any question. And I'm certainly not a cannabis expert. I wish I was. But people have a lot of questions about what is the best strain and what can I use for this? And what can I use for that. And I tell patients, when they come in to talk to me, I am not the expert on that I can help get you where you need to be and point you in the right direction. And then I hand it over to the cannabis experts and let them help the patient through it. But it's such a great process. And I always follow up with my patients. So I always call them a few days later. And they're like, oh my gosh, it was so wonderful. I wish I would have done this years ago.


Speaker 1  24:37  

That's amazing. Yeah. I love that you're so helpful. And I would also add that even the experts aren't experts because we're all learning you know, I mean, there's there's so much new information coming out all the time. So if you say you're an expert, I raised my eyebrow a little bit because that is like, yeah, exactly what I mean, obviously there are there are people who know more than I do about the play. But


Speaker 3  25:08  

yeah, it can help so many people. And it's just there's such false information out there. I even have friends of mine. So I talk about it all the time with everyone that I can. And I have friends, and they're just like, Oh, my wife doesn't really want me to do it, or she's worried about just and I'm like, Well, you know, the whiskey that you're drinking every night to try to help you relax from your anxiety. That's really killing you. Plan is not going to hurt you.


Speaker 1  25:37  

Absolutely. I love that. So you do a lot of amazing work in the local area with other local business owners. Are you hearing that sort of attitude among the other business owners too? Like? Is there any pushback to you being a medical card certifier?


Speaker 3  25:57  

There, I'm waiting for it to come, I have a feeling that it will at some point, because we just opened in June. So I'm prepared for that. And I'm prepared to count or any say to me, because I have research backing it. The unfortunate thing is, is that the research, the medical research that's out there isn't robust enough to say definitively this stuff, work. So all of a naturopathic and integrative medicine people out here who are trying to support it, we need more research that really shows the medical community. I don't get pushback from other business owners. But I do notice that they also live within the stigma. They're like, Oh, you do that? Oh, I've heard a girlfriend of it. And they really like it. But I'm always afraid. I'm like, we'll talk to me about it. Like, what are your fears? What are you afraid of? Yeah, a lot of people tend to come to me and say, Well, I tried it a long time ago, like recreationally. And I had a bad experience. So I'm really afraid. And just breaking through that, like, Hey, you're using recreational marijuana, it's being different than medicinal. And you're you were using it for fun time or whatever, who knows what was in it? What it was laced with. When you talk about medical, you're talking about pure


Speaker 1  27:12  

product, right? And also, just other circumstances, like, you know, your hormones or your health, just whatever these things can all affect your experience, you know? Exactly, exactly. So what do you wish the people outside of Maryland could understand about the cannabis industry here?


Speaker 3  27:33  

I wish that they could understand how the block hate that is in Maryland. So I wish we could talk about it more openly, just as a country as a whole. Yes, it is still federally illegal. And everyone is sort of hung up on that. And I don't know why. I feel like if you and I hate to say this, but our government here in our county, the day that we became legal, put out this voice informatics to people and laughed at it to everyone in the community saying, You prepared, it's coming, you're now with this terrible thing. And everyone's going to become drug addicts and my work. I wish the states like Oregon, or places Colorado that are more fluent, and couldn't just help us state out a little bit. Talk about it publicly, nationally, like, you know, I just wish that could happen. So it could be normalized a little bit more.


Speaker 1  28:34  

Yeah, I think I have that issue a lot. I speak to a lot of people who live in states that have normalized, you know, in the culture, you know, the local culture. It's no big deal to see dispensaries everywhere. Not definitely not everywhere, obviously. But it's hard when I'm talking to someone like that, for them to understand how it is in Maryland because Maryland is viewed largely as a pretty progressive state from people outside of. Yeah, not so much. And especially this part of Maryland Harford County. Exactly.


Speaker 3  29:08  

Exactly. Very, very, very stringent in their beliefs in their rules and their guidance. It's tough.


Speaker 1  29:16  

Yeah, it's my I still like kind of whisperer. You know, cannabis dispensary when I'm telling people what to do.


Speaker 3  29:25  

Not me, I scream it to everybody that I can my in laws. I talked to everybody about it. I'm like, you don't know what you're missing. Like, why are you suffering? Why are you taking these meds when you can take something that's natural that could really help you?


Unknown Speaker  29:40  

That's amazing. I love that attitude. That's exactly what we need around here. So what are your hopes for the cannabis industry in Harford County? Yeah, I


Speaker 3  29:50  

really hope that it becomes more mainstream or normalized that you know, it's not something that you have to be ashamed of. It's not something that You have to like, you know, sneak around the back corner or hide your face. When you're walking into the dispensary man, like you weren't doing something for you, you were breaking the mindset that goes along with, like the blinders that are on, right? So I need to walk this line and I need to do this. And I need to do it this way, because this is what they tell me. And these are the rules. And those rules have not gotten us very far in life. And they've made us sicker with some of the meds that we take and some of the drugs that are being pushed. You know, it's frustrating. I have a son who has mental health issues, severe anxiety. He's grown into a wonderful adult, but it was forever trying to get doctors not to just romance at all. Like, No, we got, I just need somebody to talk to. I don't need another med. We have that under control. We're using cannabis. You're using why? Oh my gosh, he already has mental health issues. You're just making it even worse. No, sir. We're actually making it better. And he's, he's come so far. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  31:03  

So you did get pushback for that a bit?


Speaker 3  31:05  

Yeah, a ton of pushback. Go like, I don't understand.


Speaker 1  31:11  

I don't either. I could go on for a long time about that. But we're not doing that. today. We're talking about business and we're talking. So before we end, tell us about your business, your gorgeous, beautiful space.


Speaker 3  31:28  

Thank you. We are Mondelez health and wellness. We are a wellness facility in Bel Air right behind the surf shop. When we st we're trying to just bring attention to the community or you have other options. If you have a headache, you don't have to pop the Tylenol, maybe you're dehydrated, come on in and visit me. We offer wellness services, we have free consultations for everything if you just want to come in and talk to make sure that your vibe matches my vibe as a provider, or just a relaxed, like we just want people to feel like they can come in be welcome any question and not feel judgment. And that's our mission. And that's my mission as a business owner like I had to go through this when I'm doing my business plan. What is your mission and my mission isn't really about like aesthetic, the I inject botox and fillers and stuff. But my mission is to make people feel better about themselves and in their own skin. And to make the people that work with me that are human, and know how to interact with people. And then they can do whatever they want. Hopefully they want to stay with me forever. But that's my goal. Trying to do it out there.


Speaker 1  32:39  

I love that. I love that. And I love your business. I love everything about Thank you. Thank you for joining us today, Jen. Of course. This episode of Your Highness podcast is brought to you by nature Meet your is giving listeners a 10% off discount when they use the code YH pod. That's why H pod at Mitra, a top rated kratom company. Also, you can keep up on the recent events and all the news surrounding our show by subscribing to our substep Your Highness newsletter. This episode was edited and produced by James crash and myself Diana crash and is a production of Your Highness media. intro music is brought to you by your mom likes my music. Thank you for listening


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