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Episode Summary

We hear from the Devil's Lettuce Ladies about their Fave Pot/Not Pot, talk about recent updates, and get a BTS look at the Canadian dispensary experience.

Episode Notes

We hear from the Devil's Lettuce Ladies about their Fave Pot/Not Pot and how their show covers all things marketing and elevation. 

Next, JR and Diana update listeners about the 6-year journey that led to this point, and about how the structure of the show is changing in the future.

And then we hear from Katie at Starbuds Cannabis Co about what people  outside of Canada get wrong about the local scene. 

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Episode Transcription

Speaker 1  0:16  

Welcome to Your Highness podcast. I'm your host, Diana crash and today I am joined by my lovely co host, Jr. Crash. How are you doing today Jr?


Speaker 2  0:27  

I'm back everybody. Feeling good and excited to be back on this jams. Yeah, yeah.


Speaker 1  0:35  

All right good cuz we're excited to have you. I see we're as if there's other people here. It's just me and you it has been a while it hasn't been just me and you since the beginning. But you've been here since the beginning.


Speaker 2  0:51  

I have since since day one, or the creation of this.


Speaker 1  0:55  

Yes, you're a big part of that. Without you this would not be a podcast. So we start every episode with the recurring bit called fav pot fav not pot. But we're actually doing a special thing right now where we are asking other podcasters cannabis focused podcasters to share their favorite pot and faith not pot and in this episode, you will be listening to the devil's lettuce ladies, and they will tell you more about their show after they reveal their favorite part fav nap pot.


Unknown Speaker  1:34  

Hi, I'm Lady ganja


Unknown Speaker  1:36  

and I'm the Midwest Canada queen.


Speaker 3  1:38  

Learn with us as we tackle challenges faced by marketing and branding teams in the cannabis industry


Unknown Speaker  1:43  

and laugh alongside us as we puff puff pass. We


Unknown Speaker  1:49  

are the devil's LIS ladies


Speaker 4  2:01  

Hey there lady ganja Oh, hey, Midwest Canna queen. I was just wondering if you would tell me what your favorite pot fav not pot is. Wait favorite pot? Not pot.


Speaker 3  2:13  

Save pot not pot. Okay, so my favorite pot right now is lemon pound cake. This is a this is my favorite strain of all time. I know and it's by exotic matter and we're in Michigan so I don't know about whereabouts y'all are that are listening, but this is an amazing craft cultivator and it is. It is lemony it is gassy. It is just amazing. It's an energizing strain and I can't get enough of it. In my face not pot. Or might not pot.


Speaker 4  2:50  

Wait I already picked it up. Like say pot not pot. What's your not pot?


Speaker 3  2:54  

My not pot is I'm obsessed with the era's tour I am watching Real all night. Why? I'm totally emo kid. I never thought I'd be a Swifty but Taylor Swift's amazing story. So


Speaker 4  3:08  

my fav my favorite pot. I'm gonna go with ripple live rosin. quicksticks


Unknown Speaker  3:13  



Speaker 4  3:15  

I'm gonna Yeah, I they're my favorite. I love that buzz. When you just like pop that quick stick and you're hanging out might get a drink. It's actually my favorite thing to do a live rosin quick stick, sit outside summertime, get a cocktail, socializing with friends, and all of a sudden you just feel your shoulders relaxed and you're like, hello, Friday. I love that anyways, fav. Nope. See, I did it too. Anyway. We're trying our best doing I'm doing everything I can here not pot is my monthly facial skincare routine. I've never done self care. And it's my new thing. And people keep telling me that my face looks great. And I'm like, You know what, I can take an hour a month and have beautiful skincare and then spend hundreds of dollars on lotion. I'm here for it's worth every penny. So anyways, that's my favorite not pot. No, not pot anyway. What are you thinking? Do you think anybody wants to listen to the two of us?


Speaker 3  4:10  

I don't know if for some reason you do. We're on the Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. Just look up the devil's lettuce ladies. We are a marketing and branding podcast.


Unknown Speaker  4:22  

And we like to smoke weed. Talk marketing. Mostly smoke weed.


Unknown Speaker  4:28  

Mostly smoke weed and talk about how beautiful


Unknown Speaker  4:31  

branding is.


Speaker 3  4:32  

Everyone's welcome at our sesh we're just learning things as we grow and as we go.


Speaker 4  4:38  

Also, we're not trying to reinvent Yes, look at you being funny, but we don't want to reinvent the wheel. We want to share our knowledge. That's what it is. This is so new. Yeah, you have to smoke weed to be able to do some good marketing. Yeah,


Speaker 3  4:50  

that's for sure. So we have some tips. We have some tricks, Tips Tricks, mostly do shenanigans but that's just how we roll in fall. was on Instagram at the devil's lettuce ladies on Twitter at lettuce ladies or go to our website, we have some pretty sweet merch for the summertime. Go to WWE dot the devil's lettuce And until next time flower the people


Unknown Speaker  5:15  

and smoke the patriarchy.


Unknown Speaker  5:17  

And we're back.


Unknown Speaker  5:19  

And were patched patch. patch patch


Speaker 1  5:22  

always says you always have to have a rent reference


Unknown Speaker  5:26  

I do.


Speaker 1  5:28  

I'm not mad about it. So if you have noticed, if you see the thumbnail popping up on your Apple podcast or wherever you get, wherever you're listening this from whatever platform you prefer, you may notice that the logo has changed. And it's a little bit more than a logo change for us. We are officially launching your highness media. Your Highness media has been around for a while, it's just that we have had a few projects that are in production. And they're still in production. But we are kind of changing the way that we approach this podcast. And so if you've noticed in earlier episodes, we said that this would be the final season. But it's not.


Speaker 2  6:19  

Yes. In a way, I mean, it kind of was because it was the last season of the podcast as it stood, you know, from from a listening perspective, you know, we're going to be doing things a little bit different. Kind of spicing things up a little bit when it comes to how we're operating and moving forward with this specific podcast. But first, we can't really look at where our future is laying without looking at where we're coming from, you know, just looking at the past of how we got to where we are now.


Speaker 1  6:55  

Well, yes, exactly that because we did mention earlier that we would be doing more for the birthday month of the podcast, and for my birthday month. However, this month is almost over. So we haven't been able to deliver as much as we wanted to. But we thought it would be fun to just kind of reflect back about reflect on the last six years because this is the sixth year that Your Highness podcast is in existence. And what we're actually kind of doing when we say we're shifting is we're kind of returning back to our normal or original format in a way, what we originally wanted to bring to you.


Speaker 2  7:37  

Yeah, back in the early days of the podcast, to any of those old listeners, I'm sure you remember the obviously the the fav pot they've not pot that's not going anywhere. But it was a lot more conversationally driven around more current topics, you know, going off of, you know, certain things that were happening in the industry at that time and really building a conversation as to what was going on. In the moment. You know, we kind of took a little bit of a direction turn, where we kind of felt a need to kind of live up to like standards of like John Oliver, where we were having like a very specific focus for each episode. And with that, we started pulling away from a lot of the really current things that were happening.


Speaker 1  8:23  

Yeah, exactly. And also, in the beginning, we were just so excited to have one of the first cannabis podcasts out there, you know, we were just wanting to celebrate the fact that these products and services are even in existence. And so with that exuberance, it kind of went away from the, I don't want to say a news element, because we weren't bringing anybody, you know, breaking news or anything like that, but more of a journalistic standpoint, we wanted to, we still to try it, we still try very hard to get underneath of the topic, you know, like we really try to pull the onion layers back as much as possible. But with that, we also ignore how things are locally for people and we gloss over, you know, what it really means to have these incremental changes happening.


Speaker 2  9:27  

Yeah, we went from, like I said, a very broad base or we went to a very broad based idea, which was great. We learned a lot of really awesome information had a lot of really amazing conversations. But in doing so, it became a little bit more removed from the on the ground presence that we felt so strong in in the early days. You know, overly talking to the to the people that were just starting out, you know, whether it be their own businesses or in the industry or As patients and customers, really seeing what was going on state to state, you know, instead of just looking at things on a national or global level, you know, spending some time, you know, with people in specific states to see what their day to day is and how they are operating in this new world, the world has changed so much in six years when we first started this. And just, you know, being able to get a POS point of how things are operating in different states and how people are working around certain situations in those states.


Speaker 1  10:37  

Yes, and we love feedback. And one of the most frequent pieces of feedback that we receive is that people like our realness, and our honesty, and so that's what we're trying to bring more of, and letting you know that, you know, we had big visions, we tend to think really big, and it's hard to, to break that down into actionable things for us sometimes, right, like, and so that is all to say that we have, we've been trying to form this podcast, and it's something that not just we want to hear, but we want you to be excited to listen to, you know, because we've been operating for so long, like I said, in this space, where it was like, we're just excited, we're just excited to bring these topics to you, we want, we want to talk about these conversations that aren't being had. But the problem with that is that there are people in states who are not even aware of the cannabis industry, right? Like, there are people who have just no clue about all of the inner workings and bureaucracy, and infighting and all of the other stuff that pretend to explore on the show. So we want to reach those people as well.


Speaker 2  12:01  

And we really want to make it something that you're really getting something out of all the way around that we feel like we're getting something out of talking to you all and that you feel like you're getting something out of listening to us all yet again, taking it back six years ago, you know, of what media and content look like back then. And a lot of the thought and purpose that that went behind it. Just myself, I was massively obsessed with the website They put a lot of their focus in building this community of, of great writers, writers that I still follow to this day with Cody Johnston and Soren Bowie and, and David Wong. You know, just great writers that really put their all into what they were writing, and creating, you know, content that was really informative enough in a fun way. I was constantly learning new things, just by going on that website, but it was done in a very relaxed, jovial way. So I was having fun and learning new things at the same time. It was really, it was really great. And a lot of websites really built a model upon that. And then fast forward, you know, probably 2017 2018, you start seeing a lot of these sites kind of laying people off. And that information was very much just driven towards just quick content, you know, no more staffing, no more community, it was just,


Speaker 1  13:31  

yeah, I mean, that's a really good point. Because as a content creator, as a writer, as a freelancer, it's been so overwhelming. I think that's one of the reasons why we struggle to bring the the episodes that we want to bring to you because it's such an undertaking to bring you something that is informative, yet entertaining. And I was trying to deliver those episodes without having the resources or the time. And so instead of being realistic about it, I am trying to put up content and just couldn't just create constantly because you get caught up in that whirlwind of like having to stay relevant and having to have your byline fresh, you know, as we're becoming more as we have more access as a society to information. We're becoming less enlightened. And I know I'm not, you know, shattering anybody's worldview when I say that, because that is pretty obvious. To anyone who goes on the internet every day. We're just inundated with information. And even with celebrities, we're inundated with gossip and behind the scenes stories that we never had access to before. So it becomes even more of a struggle to you know, stand out in some kind of a way and make make it Something that you can't find anywhere else, because honestly, at this point, you probably could find it somewhere else. I mean, you


Speaker 2  15:07  

really can, I mean, really, we live in a state of time where we have just so much information just at the palm of our hands at any given time. But it gets daunting, you end up kind of drowning in that information. And then you find, like life preservers in the state of, of just social media content, right? You know, it's like, I could go and learn about, you know, Eastern philosophies. Or I can go on tick tock, and watch people argue back and forth. And I do both, you know, but as time goes on, as the information builds, and life gets more and more exhausting, and gets a lot easier to escape into those easily digestible Twitter feuds, if you will, and falling down those rabbit holes. So that's why we really want to focus on kind of steering the ship around to our content, being easily accessible. But also, taking more of a deep dive, really making sure that after listening to the podcast, you feel like you've gained something from it.


Speaker 1  16:17  

Right, we're trying to be more intentional. And that's pretty much the the point of Your Highness media is that we're trying to offer elevated media, to enlightened people. And that doesn't mean that you are any type of level of spirituality like doesn't mean that you have to have any kind of prerequisites. Before, you know, it's basically just, we're trying to say that we want to, we want to bring in new media that will add value to your life, while also fighting the status quo. And that is pretty much been our through line. That is the one thing that we've been able to hold on to this whole time is that we want to, we want to fight the status quo, and we want to bring you something that we would like to listen to. But we also want to make sure that you are excited about listening to it as well. And so this episode is kind of a preview of that. Like I said, we have a guest fate pot and Fave not pot segment. And then after this, you'll hear from a budtender in Canada. So we'll be checking in to another part of the worlds.


Speaker 2  17:33  

And in the future. You can look forward to a growing family of podcasts under Your Highness media, and all forms of spaces, building communities in those spaces.


Speaker 1  17:46  

Right? I shouldn't say there aren't any prerequisites because we, you know, we have one prerequisite like don't be a dick. That's been our prerequisite from the beginning. I'm kidding. It's a lot more nuanced than that for sure. But we're just trying to make it clear that we're not, we're not presenting this as it's some type of, you know, unattainable media for people who have reached some level of consciousness or something like that. I mean, on some level, yes. Because, like I said, we're trying to dig a little deeper, always. But we appreciate your patience. And if you're still listening, we appreciate you. And we also appreciate you forgiving us for our voices because we have summer colds right now.


Speaker 2  18:34  

Gotta love a solid summer cold and always happens. I'm actually on PTO right now. And I cannot remember the last time I went on PTO and did not get sick in some way. So that's the magics of capitalism.


Speaker 1  18:47  

All right. So stay tuned for our next segment. And until next time, stay high and beautiful. By ever feel like life stress gets to be too much. Welcome to meet your Gaia, your natural wellness partner. We are the number one rated provider of kratom. A 100% natural plant based solution used in Asia for centuries to help increase focus, energy and relaxation. Want to know more? Use the code YH pod to get 10% off your first order today. That's meet your and code y h pod for 10% off. This interview is with Katie from Star buds CO which is a cannabis company in Canada, where she manages three locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba because of technical issues Use, I accidentally cut out the first part of the interview where she discusses her background a bit, and why she got into a dispensary. So I apologize for that. But I know you'll enjoy the rest of this


Speaker 5  20:16  

for windows covered. So nobody can see into or out of the stores by law, and assumingly. That's to protect, you know, children from seeing what we sell, or things like that. But it really comes down to it being a safety issue. Like we've never had to deal with it ourselves, thankfully. But there has certainly been cases where there's been, you know, robberies, there's been attacks, because you can't see who's coming in or out because there's a physical barrier on the window on the door. It's a lot. And like, I'm very thankful that we've never had to deal with these issues. But it's like, I'm worried that it's only a matter of time. But I'm very grateful that it's apparently in the works, that they're going to change. They're going to change that rule. But we'll see. There's a there's lots of things in the cannabis world where they're like, Oh, this is going to happen. This is this is being talked about, but it's sometimes like years down the line until we're seeing that come to light.


Speaker 1  21:26  

Yeah, I mean, especially Canada, it's completely different. Like I can't even pretend to understand what's going on in Canada. I think people in the US think that it's like this utopia for cannabis.


Speaker 5  21:43  

I wish like dispensaries here are so much different than dispensaries. Either like recreational or medical dispensaries in the states, like everything comes prepackaged. With like these crazy warning labels on packages. It's almost like to deter people from using them. But it's like people are buying it because they want to consume it, because they know what's a safe, regulated product. So it's like, why are you trying to deter us from buying this product that our federal and provincial governments are making so much money on? It's almost like from an industry that's regulated. So similarly to liquor it's there's so many differences and we talk about that all the time. For example, you can go into a liquor store and you can buy as much liquor as you want to, for lack of a better term to kill yourself 10 times over, but you can only come into a dispensary and buy 30 grams of cannabis 30 Sorry, grams of cannabis and that's all you're allowed legally.


Speaker 1  22:56  

That is bonkers 30 grams,


Speaker 5  23:00  

which isn't a lot because now it's like an ounce bag is 28 grams you can buy it you can buy an ounce and maybe maybe a package of pre rolls


Unknown Speaker  23:12  

for like the whole month or just one visit


Speaker 5  23:15  

for that visit that's so that's your personal possession limit they call it so that's all you're technically allowed to have in your possession at any time. That's even at your house. Wow,


Speaker 1  23:28  

well wait a minute so you can't even have like stuff from before and then buy more


Speaker 5  23:34  

no it has to on your possession you're only allowed 30 grams legally unless you have like unless you're a medical patient rules are a little bit different there you could have a little bit more but 30 grams that's it


Speaker 1  23:49  

and then the packaging right there's like a lot of weird rules about the packaging where you are. Yeah, so


Speaker 5  23:55  

like even like from a marketing standpoint our like our our suppliers our brands are very limited with what they can present on their packaging. Like if you have a super fancy logo like you won't even be able to put that on your packaging you'll just have to have like your like your brand name


Unknown Speaker  24:17  

so no logos


Speaker 5  24:20  

no wow no because and like you can't have any fancy designs like it's pretty much you're stuck to choosing one like color and then you're gonna get stuck with a big like yellow Health Canada warning on it as well. Wow. Yeah, so


Speaker 1  24:41  

they want to make you feel really bad about your purchases what they say


Speaker 5  24:46  

exactly and it's like man cannabis has been legal now for what like five years why are we still why are we still hating the potheads why are we still placing so much stigma stigma on these people? Like it's not It's so wrong,


Speaker 1  25:02  

it is so wrong. So let's talk about what's right about your job. What are some of your favorite interactions with customers or your favorite parts of your job?


Speaker 5  25:13  

There are honestly, like, too many positive interactions with customers that I could even tell you about. Like, we have like a lot of loyal customers, which means that we've been seeing some of these people every day, every other day for two years, going on three years, which is crazy to me. Because you like, just through your conversation with them, because it's not all just like a sales transaction. Right? Like, you get to know these people, you talk to them, you see them every day, how could you not know their name. So it's really nice to like, make those connections with people and to like, I don't know, be a part of their life in, in, I guess, like a personal kind of way, as well as, because it's like a trust relationship to have them like come back to you and want to buy from you again. Right? Like, I pride myself on like, the experience that I provide my customers, so it's really flattering when they like, when they keep coming back. Because I know that they feel the same. I know they. Yeah, I know. They feel the same. Yeah,


Speaker 1  26:21  

I mean, with your tactic, like it has to be your tactic. It has to be your connection. Because with what you're dealing with you you're you're not these products aren't selling themselves. It sounds like like it sounds like but tender knowledge is very vital where you are.


Speaker 5  26:37  

Absolutely, I mean, there's even just like the sheer amount of like product, like different product, different brands, different strains, different species, different formats of products, you got to know you have to know what you're talking about. I think cannabis consumers that purchase on the legal market have come a long way since legalization as well. You know, people aren't just coming in looking for the highest THC anymore. Given that is a lot of what we get


Unknown Speaker  27:10  

there. You probably still deal with that a lot.


Speaker 5  27:14  

A lot, a lot. But like the people that come in, they're like, hey, like, I really like a product that has limonene in it. And they're like, or I really like when a product gives me this type of effect. It's really nice to be able to have like those open and honest conversations with them. And also to get them a product that they're gonna love.


Speaker 1  27:36  

Yeah, that is really great. I love that. I love that. So what is the local cannabis seemed like? I mean, I know you just described it a little bit, but like, what's the culture?


Speaker 5  27:48  

I'm sure anybody from Manitoba or from the I guess from the area would tell you that everybody's cheap. Everybody loves a deal. Which works to I think retailer advantage a lot because we can set kind of promotions, we can set deals to help us move products. But I mean, the market is specifically looking at Winnipeg is very saturated. We have more weed stores than we have Tim Hortons. Which that was an exaggeration, but it's not. Not around here we have like almost the opposite. We have no Tim Hortons. And we also very you don't have Tim Hortons in the States, hey,


Speaker 1  28:34  

no, a. But I get what you're saying we don't have more than McDonald's, that's for sure. We there are about it here. A lot less to choose from. That's why I will work on Canada I think I always think in my head is just like you walk outside and there's just like weed stores everywhere.


Speaker 5  28:56  

In some areas, and some I guess like major streets, it's 100% that way it's like there it's like a weed store on like, every like block or like every corner it's like from a business standpoint, it's it's kind of tough because you have to find ways to like differentiate yourself to get customers to come back to you rather than going to the store 10 feet away and yeah, 50 feet away.


Speaker 1  29:21  

And especially when you have all these restrictions, like you're you're able to have some specials at your store, but like it's very restricted as to what you're allowed to offer. Right?


Speaker 5  29:31  

So I guess I'm thankful to be living and working where I am in that respect, because Manitoba does allow I guess there's a little bit more freedom to do like promotions or sales or discounts on stuff in comparison to other provinces. But I guess as a whole, you have to be careful in how you're presenting that. Because if it's presented as an inducement or if you're like trying to like luring people in to get cannabis. It's like that is frowned upon. But it's to say, hey, 5% off pre rolls like yeah, that's, that's no problem.


Unknown Speaker  30:09  

Oh, that's good.


Speaker 5  30:11  

At least you're laughing that we were allowed to do that.


Unknown Speaker  30:15  

It looks like you guys have some good specials, though. So I would definitely go to your store if I live nearby.


Unknown Speaker  30:23  

Well, if you ever come for a visit, hit me up.


Unknown Speaker  30:26  

Yeah. So what do you wish more people understood about your job?


Speaker 5  30:31  

I say this all the time. It's like, it's not all just like selling weed. It's like, it's like, there's no, it's, it's like any other job. There's going to be the stuff you have to deal with that nobody likes to do.


Unknown Speaker  30:46  

It's not all funny games, for sure.


Speaker 5  30:49  

There's there's going to be problems that come up, especially, like with all the regulations changing as frequently as they do. It's like you got to be on the ball. You got to know what you're doing. You got to know what you're talking about. You got to know what's going on.


Unknown Speaker  31:02  

So a lot can't come up with.


Speaker 5  31:05  

No, and I mean, like, some people do. Not Not that I work with. Yes. Like, I think it's they're just like so into, like the culture at that point. That they're just like, doing it just to do it. But I mean, you gotta like, I just


Speaker 1  31:25  

think it's funny how people have these like assumptions that things are okay, just because Right? Like, we just went don't use like, like a month ago, and I'm seeing people consume all over the place outside. It's not legal to do that. It's just people are like, same here. It's legal now. And same thing with working in the dispensaries. They think like, oh, well, I can be high. I can


Unknown Speaker  31:49  

smoke. high all the time yet.


Speaker 1  31:53  

total opposite. I mean, maybe not total opposite in every regard. But it's a lot more serious than I think people are a true. So what are your hopes for the future of Canada, Canada, Canada. Cannabis. That was a mouthful, Canadian cannabis.


Speaker 5  32:14  

I mean, I think there are many hopes. I think like one of the big hopes, I'm sure many, many people would agree would just be increasing. Like the limit that's allowed for edibles. So we're we're only allowed to sell edibles that come in packages with 10 milligrams THC for the whole package for the whole package, not per piece. But per package.


Unknown Speaker  32:41  

It's like what's the point?


Speaker 5  32:43  

So I mean, like, I understand, I understand like it we're now five years into legalization, I could see how maybe people consuming too strong of edibles would be a concern at the beginning. And it's certainly still a concern now for for some people that are new to consuming cannabis. Right. But for the people that have been consuming for many, many years, why should they have to go buy 80 packages of edibles on the legal market just so they can feel the same effects as somebody with a much lower tolerance.


Unknown Speaker  33:18  

Right. And you can't grow your own there Right. So you can't make your own.


Speaker 5  33:22  

Not in Manitoba. No. So every other province I guess, except for Quebec, like allows for homegrown cannabis but Manitoba does not. So that's something that they're currently that Toblerone is currently like fighting in court. So cross your fingers for us that the fall will bring us some positive news. Tober groan Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  33:46  

Is that a company? I'm


Unknown Speaker  33:48  

not for profit. Okay.


Speaker 1  33:50  

That is a really cool name though. I like like, meme Toba


Speaker 5  33:55  

ground. It's the cause to right like you're trying to other trying to allow Manitobans to grow.


Speaker 1  34:00  

Yeah, that's a good that's good branding. Alright, so before we end this where can people find star buds online? And how can they support you in the stores?


Speaker 5  34:11  

Um, so you can find us I always tell people don't put an M at the end of that because it Yeah. We like we have all of our menus and all of our products available online for people to like, peruse the menus there to like scope out what we have, which like, I appreciate it from like a customer standpoint. We are on Instagram. We are on Tik Tok.


Unknown Speaker  34:40  

I love your tick tock


Speaker 5  34:43  

Thank you, thank you. It's it's quite a team effort there. There's like us or there's like me and I think like three or four other folks on staff that like have access to the account. And yeah, that makes me feel fun thing. Yeah,


Speaker 1  34:57  

that's good because I can never do these things by my myself and always like how do people get these cute videos and like they have help? That's what it is because


Unknown Speaker  35:06  

they have they have an extra set of hands. Yeah.


Speaker 1  35:10  

Well thank you again, Katie for spending your time today and for being so patient and staying with me. Thank you


Unknown Speaker  35:17  

glad we got it all figured out.


Speaker 1  35:22  

This episode of Your Highness podcast is brought to you by Matric Meacher is giving listeners a 10% off discount when they use the code YH pod. That's why H pod at Mitra, a top rated kratom company. Also, you can keep up on the recent events and all the news surrounding our show by subscribing to our substep Your Highness newsletter. This episode was edited and produced by James crash and myself Diana crash and is a production of Your Highness media. intro music is brought to you by your mom likes my music. Thank you for listening


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