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A Discussion on Stigmas and Usage

Episode Summary

Dr. Darian Parker joins Diana to talk about the controversial medicinal vs. recreational debate, challenging assumptions, and questioning the language used to describe cannabis use.

Episode Notes

Join me for an engaging conversation with the brilliant Dr. Darian Parker as we discuss our favorite cannabis and non-cannabis products. I share my experience with Here and Now by Flora and Bast, a product that has significantly enhanced my yoga and work time. Dr. Darian, on the other hand, shares his experience with Gravity, a gummy he uses to break away from his routine seriousness and enjoy a moment of relaxation. We also discuss how cannabis can help those with ADHD and the need to take a break from life's seriousness now and then.


Listen in as we consider cannabis use in various contexts, including its application in exercise, and how it can be utilized to enhance focus and relaxation. We examine ground-breaking research from Colorado showing the positive effects of cannabis usage before exercise and the lack of awareness around this. We also touch on the stigma and fear that still surround cannabis use and the responsibility of users to be more open about their usage.

In our exploration of the medicinal vs. recreational debate, we examine the language used to describe cannabis use.

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(0:00:16) - Podcast Discussion on Favorite Cannabis Products (11 Minutes)


We discuss our current cannabis and non-cannabis-related items. I share my experience with Here and Now by Flora and Bast. Dr. Darian shares his experience with Gravity, a gummy with no THC. We talk about how cannabis can be used to focus and relax, and how it can help those with ADHD. We also explore how to take a break from the seriousness of life and not be a robot once a week.


(0:11:29) - Exploring Cannabis and Interviewing Techniques (11 Minutes)


We explore cannabis use in different contexts. We discuss our experiences with cannabis and non-cannabis-related items, such as Here and Now by Flora and Bast. Dr Darian shares his experience with psychedelics and we consider the complexities of the cannabis business. We also discuss the need for people to be open-minded when discussing cannabis and the difficulties of filtering through the vast amounts of content we are exposed to on a daily basis.


(0:22:47) - Cannabis (7 Minutes)


We investigate the relationship between cannabis use and exercise. We discuss the groundbreaking research from Colorado that has shown the positive effects of cannabis use before exercise and the lack of knowledge that many people have about it. We also touch on the stigma and fear that still exist around discussing cannabis use, and the responsibility of people who use it to be open about their usage. We end by sharing some of our favorite experiences with cannabis, such as using edibles while bowling and having deep conversations with friends while in the same state of consciousness.


(0:30:06) - Exploring the Medicinal vs. Recreational Debate (14 Minutes)


We investigate the idea of medicinal cannabis use versus recreational use and the language used to describe it. We discuss the difficulty in proving the medical need for cannabis in some states and how some people view food or exercise as medicine. We consider the argument for recreational use as a form of medicinal usage and how it's a personal choice for each individual. Finally, we look at how the cannabis industry has changed over the past few years and the focus on recreational use versus medicinal use.




Episode Transcription

Unknown Speaker  0:16  

Welcome to Your Highness podcast. I'm your host Diana Krach and today I am joined by the amazing Dr. Darian Parker. How are you doing today? Dr. Darian. Fantastic. And I feel like we're we're doing a lot of episodes together different things. It's really rewarding. I would say, Oh, that's so nice. I like that. I would agree. Because I learned something from you every time. And I think that you're just a joy to talk to. And it's going to be an exciting episode, especially since you don't know what we're in for. So, yes, I'm all about it. I'm all about it. Okay, well, here we go. We're going to start this episode as we do every episode with our fav pot fav, not pot segment. And if you're new to the podcast, that is when we discuss our current cannabis and non cannabis related item that we're just really into at the moment. So I will start with my favorite pot. I was recently sent a sample of product called here and now by floor and best.


Unknown Speaker  1:29  

There are these gummies that say that they benefit the benefits are to enhance present state awareness during activities like yoga, meditation, breathwork, and mental and emotional therapies. And it has an each gummy 30 milligrams of CBG


Unknown Speaker  1:49  

and 150 milligrams of alpha CPG. And it says that it's packed with a mindful mindfulness enhancing CBG which is the mother cannabinoid, which creates an uplifted and euphoric state of consciousness, optimizing present state awareness, and therefore the therapeutic value of a physical, mental and emotional and emotional health promoting activities. Okay, I don't have my glasses on. But anyway,


Unknown Speaker  2:21  

I really liked these I actually did take them, you have to take them 40 minutes before, whatever activity you're trying to do. And so I did it before yoga the other day. And I did not get annoyed with the practice at all. Not that I get annoyed when I'm doing yoga, but sometimes I'm like, when is this over?


Unknown Speaker  2:41  

And my most through this routine. And I didn't feel like that I felt like I could keep doing yoga. And also, I'm noticing it's helping a lot with focus when I have to do like and, you know, any kind of work I've been trying to take before that and it's really helping with that. So yeah, what's your favorite part right now? Well, let me ask you a question here.


Unknown Speaker  3:04  

This is my podcast. Okay.


Unknown Speaker  3:07  

You're not hijacking it. This is this is gonna be a very different episode for you because I'm interviewing


Unknown Speaker  3:13  

this how this works with me. And there's no THC. Now the product. Interesting. So how do you feel like I don't like what's the feeling?


Unknown Speaker  3:23  

I just feel more focused and less anxious and it calms me in a way that doesn't make me feel groggy or anything like that. I I'm a big fan of CBG. Yeah, I try to take it in the morning. And I usually use a tincture, but I've been using this gummy lately. So yeah, as far as the other ingredient in there, alpha CPG. I don't know enough about that to speak intelligently. I'd have to do some research, but preliminarily found out that it can really help people with ADHD which I have. So that explains I see. I see much. Okay. Okay. Very interesting. And you said gummies I was like whoa, I wonder how much THC is in it?


Unknown Speaker  4:08  

None apparently. No, it's not always about getting high. I know that you don't believe me? Sure about that.


Unknown Speaker  4:21  

What's your favorite pot you're in you're in while you're in an Airbnb right now but you are in an Airbnb


Unknown Speaker  4:28  

right? Yeah, I always have access and


Unknown Speaker  4:32  

there's like four dispensaries here in Blaine and so it's a tiny town 5000 people for dispensaries incredible. My favorite currently is gravity. Which is a gummy. All different flavors like watermelon mixed berry and all that stuff. shrub strawberry is probably my favorite flavor of it. But I was


Unknown Speaker  4:52  

I remember I went there. This is like maybe a couple months ago and I was like hi you know, I love edibles. But I don't want the stuff with like the crazy stuff like butane


Unknown Speaker  5:00  

and edit and all this. I don't want to hear that I want something better. So all you got to try gravity. And it's a great body Hi. And I said, Oh, awesome. And got it and they were right, man. I mean, I shot to the moon quickly, man.


Unknown Speaker  5:14  

And so what's interesting for me is like, so you want to be you want to be focused sounds like you want to be focused and stuff. Like, I don't want to be focused. I


Unknown Speaker  5:24  

want no part of that. spend way too much time. I'm a very like, generally a very serious focus person all the time.


Unknown Speaker  5:37  

Like you even though this is even though the podcast has the theme of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, it's always with a healthy dose of laughter and yeah, foolishness because I am that is me, you know, in a nutshell.


Unknown Speaker  5:52  

I like talking about serious stuff, but with humor and write all of that. Yeah, I need to take the myself off the gas pedal. Yeah, like at least once a week just to like, you know, not be a robot. I don't think some people like they don't they don't think that I'm like that. But I feel like that's kind of overwhelmingly how I am. And so I need to just kind of like fade from being so serious. And as always, you know, I'd like having the lack of being focused is actually so gravity. Big fan of them.


Unknown Speaker  6:24  

Gravity is just what you need. Just what you need. You know, it's a very it's not filled with a lot of people. They don't even look at what's in edibles, but there's a lot of terrible stuff. Yes. Yes, ingredients. So I really like I'm very careful about the ingredients. The edibles, like very high quality. And this crazy thing is there's so cheap. I can't believe how cheap edibles are, man. It's unbelievable. All right, what you get back for what you get back. I don't know. It seems very cheap to me. Wow.


Unknown Speaker  6:53  

I'm sure a lot of gummy people are listening are very happy to hear that.


Unknown Speaker  6:59  

Producers. Yeah, it almost seems illegal. how cheap it is. Well,


Unknown Speaker  7:05  

let's not make it illegal. You're like, Hey, man, let's not. I'm just saying you get like three to four hours of like, Great times. Snacks. Weird conversations. Huge laughter Yeah. I mean, you get a package of you know, 100 milligram package for like 25 to $45. I mean, that's amazing. Really? Pretty good. It's not like that here. Anyway. I guess it's all about where you're at? Yes. It's cheaper in some places? For sure. Sure. So


Unknown Speaker  7:35  

I didn't talk about your show so much yet, because that's my fav, not pot. My fav not pot is dr. D social network podcast Is that for real? It's for real. I'm a huge fan of podcasts. Not just because I'm a podcaster. I love podcasts. And I love yours, because you really do talk to everyone. I mean, just so many different every time I check out your LinkedIn, I'm like, Oh, wow, okay. Wow, look at that, you know, and every time I listen, I learned a lot of new things. And I love your interview style. And I appreciate you having me on your show twice. That was amazing. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  8:15  

I think it'll be another time too. It's, I tend to like press. No, no, I just, you know what it is, like, if I feel really like a lot of chemistry with someone, I'd like a nice back and forth. I mean, I'd rather have that than, you know, just a bunch of random people. But I don't find that the chemistry is that often, like maybe like, with someone I have with you like that. And I mean, I think if you pay attention to the show, if I have someone back several times, it's clearly I enjoy spending time with them. You know, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy with other people. It's just that we know, we maybe just don't have that chemistry that I really like, you know, right? Yeah, absolutely. So what's your favorite part right now?


Unknown Speaker  8:58  

Right now, I would say probably is I'm watching a documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger that I really like. It's brand new. It's fairly one sided, though. Like it's clear. I'm like, Well, this is clearly about him. And I'm not sure what they're doing about the other stuff about him. But you know,


Unknown Speaker  9:18  

but documentaries in general, probably my favorite non pot at currently because I just like learning.


Unknown Speaker  9:24  

As you could tell that my podcasts about people. And I'm simultaneously doing that while also doing a very deep dive into George Washington. Right now interest. Actually, my wife and I are doing this big project where we do extremely deep research on all the presidents of the United States.


Unknown Speaker  9:44  

I think that's one of the you guys yeah, that's all you do regularly or? No, I just we just came up with the idea. It was like why don't we do this? I think it's because like, I feel like a lot of things we talk about, we just don't know much about


Unknown Speaker  10:00  

Like everybody says stuff, but has no real deep understanding of the stuff. Like if you would actually like push somebody to explain things, they struggle with it. Because they don't have a deep history of the thing they're saying, so I don't want to be one of those people. I want to be able to explain the things I'm talking about. I feel like I can't even do that with things I have to teach.


Unknown Speaker  10:20  

Like, I don't know, I don't know. Sure.


Unknown Speaker  10:23  

Even in therapy, I'm like, what? I don't know. You want me to explain? My own? Like, yeah, I don't know. Like, what are we start? Oh, really? Where do we start?


Unknown Speaker  10:34  



Unknown Speaker  10:36  

Well, that is so fun. I love to hear that though, that you guys are doing that together. That's so cool.


Unknown Speaker  10:42  

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Unknown Speaker  10:52  

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Unknown Speaker  11:09  

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Unknown Speaker  11:19  

That's meet your and code y h pod for 10% off.


Unknown Speaker  11:28  

So, on your show, you interview people from all walks of life like I mentioned, how did you decide to start interviewing people in the cannabis space?


Unknown Speaker  11:40  

I think one from my own usage. And then a lot of my friends are into cannabis. And we've had an incredible conversations after ingesting cannabis. And as a man, this, this is a substance that I feel can make you feel focused depending on what you're doing. But also I think it just takes down some of the inhibitions to


Unknown Speaker  12:05  

really talk about things that maybe you're just not going to talk about regularly with other people you're close to. But then I also just wanted to have a well rounded experience with cannabis. You know, as we're all like, essentially a prisoner to our own experiences. And if we don't go outside of those experiences, then we're only telling a story based off of our lens for it. So cannabis, I want to like get around to different people in the cannabis space. And that's how I Found You was talking to Danielle Simone Bran. Because I was very curious about cannabis use and moms. And I felt like this, I want to talk about this because I think there are a lot of parents who get high, but they don't they feel a stigma behind all your bad parent or something like that. And I wanted to talk about that. And then I was like, Well, okay, just send me more people that in the space doing different stuff, you know, yeah, it's kind of what led to that deep friend of the pod Danielson brand.


Unknown Speaker  13:04  

Big fan. And she's on the show often. So anyway, what are some of the more interesting things that you've learned from the cannabis people that you've interviewed? And just plant medicine in general? Like, what are some of the more surprising things you've learned over time?


Unknown Speaker  13:21  

You know, I was bounced back between cannabis and psychedelics.


Unknown Speaker  13:26  

Two things that I have a lot of experience with, and had incredible experiences with.


Unknown Speaker  13:34  

I think one of the things I've learned that surprised me about the cannabis business is that it's not as successful as I thought it was. My hear a lot of people in the business say no one's making money. And it's really difficult and like it kind of jumped the shark. And people are very skeptical of like that the psychedelic business needs to be very careful and not go the way of the cannabis business. I'm like, really? I don't, I didn't know that, you know, I'm not in those businesses. I just as a consumer, I was not aware that there were these feelings about that. So I think that's interesting. Yeah, I think that it is kind of a weird vacuum, sometimes the cannabis industry because I just assume people know that it's


Unknown Speaker  14:20  

not a great space to be in all the time, right? For a variety of reasons. And then I talked to people, quote, unquote, in the real world,


Unknown Speaker  14:32  

outside of the space are people who aren't, you know, completely in it all the time. And they're just, they're like, what do you what do you mean, and not even just that just what is not known about the laws? Just the law part, like the legality part of it, you know, I recently did a 420 event and I was outside and in the state it is currently not legal yet, but that will change very soon.


Unknown Speaker  15:00  

But I think way too, it's not adult use here. And I still had people coming up and thinking that I was selling it at the, you know, I was promoting the podcast, but they were thinking I had like giveaways and things like that. And they thought, I can't even tell you how many times people were going, but does it have any THC in it?


Unknown Speaker  15:20  

The good stuff, you know, and I'm like, What? No.


Unknown Speaker  15:25  

And then I had to check my check myself, you know, I mean, I'm constantly having to do that, assuming that people know things that you know. And I think that's why I like your show so much. Because you you don't do that at all.


Unknown Speaker  15:43  

Be very open minded. I'm a very open minded, I like to think I'm very open minded. And I just want to


Unknown Speaker  15:50  

understand what the hell is going on in anything. And and I think that's part of like, maybe a larger societal issue is that I think we think we know what's happening based off of a headline, or something. We literally skimmed, you know, a two minute headline so accurate. I can't tell you.


Unknown Speaker  16:09  

I'm like a lot of that tell my husband, Oh, I saw that this, you know, that he's like, Oh, I'll ask for context. And I'm like, I don't know, I just thought


Unknown Speaker  16:19  

I didn't think I'd ever get to that point in my life. But we're just so inundated with content, you know, yeah. It's hard to sift through it sometimes.


Unknown Speaker  16:30  

Yes, I talked about this not too. Well, recently, I was saying, you know, we're not in, we're not in an information seeking era, we're in an information filtering era, like when I was growing up, it was you had to really work hard to find content. And now you don't have to work hard, you just have to be very savvy about filtering through what is actually accurate, and what's inaccurate. And I find that the majority of people I talk to, like, just when I'm not on my podcast, and I talk to them about stuff. Like they just don't have a deep knowledge of the things they're discussing. It's and so I was like, you know, you should really have a deep knowledge of this. Like, if you're going to like, go hard for a subject like really hard and be like, have this zealotry about it, you probably shouldn't. That's kind of my whole thing with the whole George Washington thing is I got tired of people talking about the Constitution and all this stuff. But actually, I've never read it. And don't actually know the ins and outs and under, you know, this Founding Fathers and stuff. I'm like, Well, okay, I, you know what, if I want to talk to me about this, I need to have a deep knowledge of the start of the United States, as Americans, I think it's important to know about your country that you're from, actually, but I was fine in any subject doesn't matter if it's that or something, that people who fight the hardest, and that subject often know the least, about the history of about it. That's been my experience. So I don't ever want to be that. So my podcast is an education for me personally, to be able to build on my knowledge on a regular basis. So when someone asked me something, I can go, oh, yeah, well, you know, that this is part of this aspect. And you know, here's the origins of this. And not doesn't make me an expert. I'm no expert in cannabis. But I can certainly hold my own in a conversation about cannabis, different products and, you know, effects of it and things of that nature, you know, yeah, I do know, and I think that you are not an expert in cannabis. But you're an expert in interviewing. And I think that if anyone wants to start a show, they should listen to you because you have your own unique brand of interview style. Do you want to talk about that? A little bit? Yeah. And it's great, because I've been talking about it a lot lately.


Unknown Speaker  18:48  

Yeah, right. And which is funny, because I love talking to other hosts. And I, you know, once I revealed to them kind of how I interview people, they're like, Oh, that's a good idea. You know, because people, I'm just as a disclaimer, I'm not trying to toot my horn about this and be like, Oh, I'm so amazing. It's nothing to do like that. But one of the things if you listen to the show, you'll often hear the guests say, that's a really good question. That's a really good question. Oh, I never thought of that. And so for me, I really focus on first listening. And then I think as I told you, Diana, like I use a tailing method is the name I don't know if anybody else came up with but I know that's what I call it I came up with that is just the tailing method is every person has a tail to the end of their monologue, if you will, you know, they start slowing down the talk, you can just feel like they're about to stop talking. Alright, and I always just focus on the last two or three things they say before they stop talking. And then that creates the next question for me.


Unknown Speaker  19:56  

Sometimes I try to remember what they say earlier, but then it was like then I find


Unknown Speaker  20:00  

And then focusing too much on what they said earlier, I'm not actually listening to them. So I just kind of like listen for that wind down, and I take that tail. And then I just keep telling people, like, I've taught it to my daughter, a bunch of economists, like just tell people, and you'll never be bored, you'll never have a terrible conversation, because you'll always have something interesting to ask. And I love how you had made the point before in our earlier conversation about how if someone doesn't give you that pause, it's because they really need to get that out. And they need to say what they have to say. And yeah, give them that space to do that you definitely did for me, I know I rambled.


Unknown Speaker  20:42  

As funny, as some hosts, I've had hosts tell me that they won't released episodes like that sometimes, because and I'm like, well, that's, you know, for me, I mean, that's them, they want to do that, that's great. But for me, I just feel like, I understand that some of the episodes are our self healing episodes, and the person really needs to get it out. And sometimes it's going to take 1520 minutes of them talking straight through. And I don't know that they're going to do that. But once they start, I realized my place almost immediately I'm like, Oh, I'm not here to talk. I'm here to ask a few questions and let them talk about it. And then there's gas where we just have that chemistry, and it's back and forth. So I let the episode become what, whatever it needs to become. And I always release it. I never not release it. If it's like doesn't fit how I want. I don't know how I want it to be I just let it be what's gonna be you know, that's awesome. I love that mentality. You just have to let it be what it will be.


Unknown Speaker  21:37  

Yeah, just let it be. Yeah. That's cool. I like that. So switching gears a little bit. You're in the fitness world.


Unknown Speaker  21:48  

And the topic of cannabis and fitness, training and F athleticism and all that is a very hot topic right now. It was actually the theme of our latest Kenny curious issue.


Unknown Speaker  22:01  

I say our it's not my magazine. I was the editor. But I'm it's not mine. But anyway, I find it a really interesting topic. Because a lot of people assume that when you use cannabis products, you will not be able to go do anything physically active. So what are you seeing when it comes to that? Like, what's the intersection of fitness training and cannabis for you? I think it's really, really I'm not gonna say it's the infancy of it. I think it's still like,


Unknown Speaker  22:33  

it's still very difficult for people in my profession to imagine that I mean, I was at a conference speaking in Denver, not that long ago. And afterwards, we had a dinner and I'm very open about my cannabis use. I don't see the reason to not be I just don't care. Honestly, I just like, Listen, this is you know, I, every Friday, I have kind of my ritual. That's what I do. Some people smoke everyday, I do an edible once a week. That's like my thing I really enjoy. And but then we're talking about exercise. And I said, actually, you know, cannabis and exercise amazing is amazing. And there you go to thought that my head was exploding. And it was going all over the place the way people were looking at me. But yet again, it's just lack of knowledge. They thought, oh, you can't you know, it's the typical thing. You're just sitting there, you're out of it. You're seeing weird things. And I was like, no, actually, whenever I do


Unknown Speaker  23:29  

ingest cannabis before I workout, and then when I work out, I actually always have an amazing workout. And I started doing that mainly because of the research in Colorado, they've really pioneered this research related to cannabis use and like endurance running and stuff. And that research is very promising. The indications of, you know, cannabis use and dosage and the effect it has on exercise. And I just think it's just like, we just need to stop putting this. Most people are just lying about like, it's okay to talk about it. I mean, I feel like so many people use cannabis, but they're so afraid to talk about it. Like okay, yeah, maybe you're in a job where they drug test. I totally get that maybe but if, you know if you're just like, working for yourself and all this stuff, like why do you care? Like, like, well, the child welfare of it all to I mean, even illegal states people are still having CPS intervene. And, you know, unfortunately, it's been because of people saying things like, Oh, well they're doing drugs and you know, it's that's still so prevalent. I think a lot of people come from that fear of having Yeah, you know, alcohol is a drug do I mean it right, but it's doing that constantly


Unknown Speaker  24:42  

to the government.


Unknown Speaker  24:44  

Yeah, sure. You know, I mean, I get it I I'm trying to be as open as possible, but I totally will admit that it's from fear because you know,


Unknown Speaker  24:57  

what I just said, because of all of that


Unknown Speaker  25:00  



Unknown Speaker  25:01  

attitudes are changing, but there's still a lot that needs to be done. And there's still a lot of weird stigma out there unsure? Sure, yeah, um, it's completely unfounded. I just,


Unknown Speaker  25:15  

I've been pretty open about it. I don't know, I think a lot of people know this about me, man. If some and I haven't had a negative reaction, I'm sure I will, at some point from someone and just be like, Listen, I'm a responsible person, you see what I'm up to, you see the successes I've had. I mean, I'm an overly responsible person. And that's, you know, as I said, I'm very serious. It's kind of helps me not be so serious with that, but you know, I just think it's kind of the responsibility of someone like myself to be open about my usage. I really feel that way. And, and to help other people not feel any shame about it, you know, I love that. And in that vein, I'm going to ask you the same question you asked me. When you were on my, when I was on your show. What is the craziest experience you've had with cannabis? Ah, let's see. Craziest experience have? I've had a lot actually.


Unknown Speaker  26:14  

What's your most memorable? Yeah, crazy. What's crazy mean? Right, right. Yeah, that's different for different people. I will say, most memorable, it's, to me, it's several times it's anytime I'm


Unknown Speaker  26:28  

having cannabis with friends. And we're just out and we're just chatting. Like, probably some of my favorite experiences is edibles while bowling and, and just bowling and you know, talking trash, laughing hysterically, with friends, having great dinners afterwards. I'm anybody. I mean, you have, you're hungry, of course.


Unknown Speaker  26:50  

And I always think those are some of my favorite times, because I'm bonding with my friends. We're all kind of in the same state of consciousness. And we're talking about serious things. And we're really having deep conversations, but then we're like lap lapsing into like hysterical laughter. And I think that's one of the biggest benefits of cannabis, especially different strains, where you just laugh, hysterically. And I know people will never laugh. I'm like, laughter is a human emotion. That is amazing. It's so important to do. And it just assists me in that in many ways. Like, I can be tight. And I'm like that all the time. No. So it helps me it's, then I'm also very big proponent of like, I know, we enter a lot of this, a lot of the research is based off of helping people who have PTSD or depression different, and that's great. Those are all very good things. But we should also celebrate the usage of quote unquote, well, people, whatever that means, in general, but just using it for


Unknown Speaker  27:52  

a social edge, in many ways. And I don't think we talked about that enough. Because I, I don't know if I mentioned this shoe. I just think we have an issue with pleasure. In our country. Like, it's always bad. You're having too good of a time, how that's bad. How can you be having such a good time? And I was like, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  28:08  

yeah. And I actually just, this has been a common theme lately. I've just interviewed someone else who had this same attitude about it. And I agree, I think that the reason it's not so celebrated, to have the, the high and the fun with the high is because people want it to be considered medicinal.


Unknown Speaker  28:31  

And it's hard to have it be considered medicinal, while also being social. Because we compartmentalize that as a society, right?


Unknown Speaker  28:42  



Unknown Speaker  28:45  

I mean, it's like, kind of strange, because being your best socially should be a part of wellness, right? Like, it shouldn't be in that umbrella. It is, theoretically, but still, you throw the medicinal word out there. Yeah. Medicine.


Unknown Speaker  29:04  

And then it's okay. This medicine, it's okay, then, you know, because you're, but how many people let's just be honest, because that's how I'm with my podcasts. I'm going to be like this on yours with that, man, how many people in the past have gotten a medicinal card and they had no reason to have a medicinal card? Right, some fake knee injury or something like that? Just to you know, listen, and then there's people who actually do need it. medicinally or the I think the overwhelming point is people want to have humans crave altered consciousness. We just do. There's so much research behind this. Michael Pollan is very big into this at this point, is throughout the history of humans, we have created altered consciousness and it's not always just before medicinal reasons. Sometimes it's just you need to take your foot off the pedal sometimes and responsibly exist in a different space. And I said responsibly, not wildly. That's not my existence. It


Unknown Speaker  30:00  

For, you know, responsibly exist in a different reality, sometimes is really important I, I'm a big proponent of that. And I'm also a big proponent of medicinal usage. But for me, I have no reason to have medicinal usage. And for me personally, my usage is purely recreational and to exist in a different space once a week, so that I can be a less stiff version of myself. That's the fact. I will say that the argument I've heard against that is that if you are using it to take your foot off the pedal, then that could be considered medicinal in itself.


Unknown Speaker  30:39  

That's just the argument. I've got saying that's my argument. But that's sure people are saying, because it's recreation sounds like fun. Yeah. Right. Like, that's what we equate recreation.


Unknown Speaker  30:53  

But some people look at it like, well, I need help having fun. So therefore, it is medicinal. It is healing in that way. I mean, I guess I could see it from that point of view, too. I'm not I mean, again, like, I'm not married to anything all the time. And with it, like, I had never thought about it like that. So I could understand that point of how someone could see it that way. So I mean, I'm gonna definitely think about that. And I'm not going to just be like, Oh, no, that's right. I want to think about that. Right. I think it's important to think about things. Something like social anxiety is a mental health issue. But it's not something you can always prove on a document. Because when you get these medical certifications, at least in Maryland, you have to show your medical history, you have to show proof, like I have to show proof that I have Crohn's disease. So it's not like I can just go in there and say, I have Crohn's disease, they want to see proof of it. And then they interview me and they ask, is it helping and all of that? So I guess it depends on where you are. I'm sure there are places in this country where you can just go in and say like, I have anxiety and they go here's your card.


Unknown Speaker  32:01  

Yeah, there are, I'm saying.


Unknown Speaker  32:06  

It is a thing. Yes.


Unknown Speaker  32:08  

But then again, I think like, it all just goes back to like, what's your definition of medicinal and? And what is medicine for you? Because people some people think wine is medicine. Some people think food is medicine. You know, I believe food is medicine. It can be it can you know, it feeds your body? Right? If if you go if you're eating the things that make your body


Unknown Speaker  32:33  

function properly. So anyway, yeah, there's a lot to unpack there.


Unknown Speaker  32:40  

People said I was in my profession is go exercise as medicine. And there's a whole movement of people who are like all about exercises, medicine, and no, I mean, I think it sounds good on the surface. But I think defining what medicine is, is really important. And that can have a very


Unknown Speaker  33:02  

negative association for people for that. It just, it just depends, like,


Unknown Speaker  33:08  

I think defining the language like I look at what I'm doing as a recreational someone else, like you said, Oh, that's probably medicinal. I'm like, Okay, well, what's the actual Is it a subjective definition? Or are we really like operationalizing? This, like, what is medicinal usage for that? Clearly, it's not the same legally. Because legally medicinal means one thing from recreational. So and in the United States is heading barreling towards recreational usage and many states? Well, I think she's doing is using recreation, I'm forgetting this part of it is that people don't want it to be in the same boat as alcohol as far as comparisons when you're saying that you use. And again, that's a personal choice, because some people do use alcohol in a way that they seem they deem to be medicinal. So, you know, I think that's the other reason why people shift the language to adult use instead of recreational. Yeah, let's with the record, I know people have a problem with the term recreation. I just, I'm curious, I'm just I have no clue. Like I understand, like, well, like, I just think it's the alcohol, it's the alcohol comparison. They don't want to be in the same boat as because cannabis brands can't advertise in the way that alcohol brands can. But if they did, you wouldn't be seeing, you know, anything glorifying cannabis use to the point where you see, you know, beer ads and things like that where people are on a on a boat and they're, you know, having the time of their life and no one's blackout drunk. And, you know, same thing with cigarettes. You know, like, you know, they, they also glorify it and I used to smoke cigarettes, so I'm not


Unknown Speaker  35:00  

Coming from any kind of like, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  35:03  

soapbox here, I'm just saying that that's that's the argument is that they don't want it lumped into the same category. Those people who are against the word recreational. And again, it goes back to they think that it's it makes it sound like something that can only be used for fun when it can be used. Definitely. Yeah, I just feel like the focus is primarily medicinal, and you and that's usually the door to get in to make it a more legalized and which is great, that's fine. But I feel like on the other end, there's not a lot of discussions that I've seen that are just focusing on like, hey, you know, I'm just just doing it for fun. You know, I'm gonna have a different weekend. You know, like, it's, well, there used to be, I think it started out that way. I mean, the cannabis industry that I entered six or seven years ago, is completely different than it is now. And, you know, even looking at the publications that are available now compared to what was then I feel like it was a lot more like, donor type focus, you know, not that there's anything wrong with being a stoner, it's just that that's,


Unknown Speaker  36:13  

I mean, I'm a stoner like, I'm not saying that there's a, it was just more like, like the let's get high kind of attitude was. And I think that also had to do with the access, you know, and I think also, because it's something that is so widely accepted by everyone across the board, regardless of your political status, and your, you know, socio economic status, and all of that. So I think that to make it more, I guess, mainstream, people would like it to be different from all of those other things that can be toxic for your body. But also, you know, everyone has their own definition of what toxic is. So it's, that's one of the reasons why it's not federally legal, though, because no one can agree on these things. You know, it's, this is exactly the reason it's, you know, you have the camp that doesn't want it to be deemed adult use or recreational. They want it already medicine medicinal, you know, and then you have people who want it just to be who cares? Who who uses it, you know?


Unknown Speaker  37:22  

Yeah. All right, adults, whatever. So, yeah, that's the reason I feel like that's one of the biggest reasons is because no one can agree on how it should be accepted, how it should roll out what it should be referred to as and, you know, who has access to it? Yeah, no, I'm, it makes sense. It's just reminds me of a conversation I had with a former DEA agent on my show, I'm talking to all types of people, you know.


Unknown Speaker  37:49  

And I wanted to push him on his stance on the war on drugs and stuff. And he had, I guess, he had come to his credit that he had just like, I'm okay with, like, medicinal marijuana usage, and not recreational. And, you know, we started getting so I'm just thinking to myself, well, what's the difference? Like, like, Why do you care? Like, this is okay, but this is not, you know, it's like, again, I just think it goes back. Like, we can't be a moderate society, we can't be like, Okay, well, both of these seem like, could be nice, just to have a nice, responsible weekend, or it could be a nice to help with, you know, depression, or PTSD or chronic issues going on. It's like, no, let's, let's just go way far on this one. So maybe you went from the stoner part, and then you went to the very far medical part, but really, the country is probably more in the middle and the usage, you know, there's people who are doing it purely medicinal, whatever, you know, according their own definition, and there's people are just doing it to just have like, nice, fun party, dinner party or whatever, you know, it just, I just, most of what I seen through a lot of my interviewing is that in the in the industry, it's there's a lot of people trying to make it very serious.


Unknown Speaker  38:59  

And like, I'm very serious, like, wanting to be taken seriously. And I get that because when you're trying to clean a business, it's so serious. Sorry, I


Unknown Speaker  39:11  

didn't throw it in there. Yeah. And it's like, you know, both these things, there's a spectrum of possibilities and almost anything, right? And, and the spectrum of possibilities, both those things exist. And I just think that we shouldn't like basically go well, let's just like get rid of this part and only focus on this other part. All these things exist. And honestly, most people I know that are ingesting cannabis, they're not doing it medicinally from the maybe the larger medicinal definition of it, they're just doing it having a nice time. Honestly, with that, and a lot of people that I know and again, I'm not in the industry, I'm not doing research, but it's like myself it is,


Unknown Speaker  39:54  

is becoming a much better option than


Unknown Speaker  39:58  

than alcohol for that.


Unknown Speaker  40:00  

And I still enjoy a good cocktail. But I think that I see a much better difference in my cannabis use versus alcohol use. And, and I think that there's a lot of that going on too, for that. So I just think there's a spectrum of things happening. And it's okay, if we can acknowledge all those things. Absolutely. For that, let's just do this. Okay. It's just like the psyche. I had talked to so many people in the psychedelic space. And you know, this is similar thing. It's the medicinal thing. It's the, we're using it for veterans, we're using it for people who have crippling anxiety, blah, blah, blah. But then I have some people in the space, you're like, listen, sometimes I just want to enjoy my Saturday and no microdose you know, like, and that's the minority people talking about library. Adventures seem a lot more adventurous, right? That's what I'm saying.


Unknown Speaker  40:52  

No, I agree with you. And 100%. I'm just telling you, that the sides I hear all the time and the arguments, I agree with you so much. Trust me. Trust me, man. I really, that's why I want to talk to a lot of different people so that I get a lot of different sides. I have some suggestions for you after we're done with this. But anyway, before we end, can you tell people where they can find you? Yeah, most definitely. So my podcast is Dr. Dee's social network. And it's on all major platforms. But you can go directly to my website and subscribe to get it into your email. Every time it comes out. It may be a little annoying, just because I put out something that was sold. You might be getting a lot of emails you really do.


Unknown Speaker  41:37  

You'll be getting a lot of emails. It could be annoying. I'm sorry, but it's just it's my curiosity. Dr. Darian,, spelling, Dr. D, O, C, T, o r, and then derion dar, Iam Parker, PA, RK And if you go there, my podcast is on there. And all a bunch of other stuff. I'm into a lot of things.


Unknown Speaker  42:02  

You have poetry on their i o trees on their personal trainings notes on there. And that's probably the main way I'm not on social media except for LinkedIn. And I know a lot of people don't even consider that really so. But because it's not Instagram or other stuff, but you will not find me on those other things that do not exist. Just social media. Yeah, and I'm very happy. I'm proud to say that by the way, thank you.


Unknown Speaker  42:26  

Yeah, I don't want to do it the same thing everyone else is doing so sorry.


Unknown Speaker  42:31  

Well, the cannabis industry is actually very active on LinkedIn because it's huge hates the cannabis. Yeah. You know why I heard that that there's a big problem with that, like, you know, you know, getting accounts taken down and stuff and suspended. It's, it's kind of a shame honestly, it's a real shame. It's a real shame.


Unknown Speaker  42:51  

Unnecessary. I couldn't agree more. But thank you so much again, and I appreciate it. Please come back anytime. And until next time, stay high and beautiful. By this episode of Your Highness podcast is brought to you by Mitra Meet your is giving listeners a 10% off discount when they use the code YH pod. That's why H pod at Mitra, a top rated kratom company. Also, you can keep up on the recent events and all the news surrounding our show by subscribing to our substep Your Highness newsletter. This episode was edited and produced by James crash and myself Diana crash and is a production of Your Highness media. intro music is brought to you by your mom likes my music.


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